I'm not planning on having a child any time soon,but I still love thinking about baby names,especially right after celebrities have babies.And becausestars do love to give their kids whimsical names,it got me thinking about which ones I'd actually use.Now thatNicole Richie gave birth to her son Sparrow,I have a new name to contemplate.Would you ever name your son Sparrow?

I feel a little guilty saying this,but I'm not feeling the name Sparrow.I was surprised by the choice because I love the name Harlow,so I was expecting to like the nameNicole RichieandJoel Maddenpicked for their son.After I heard the name they picked,Sparrow James Midnight Madden,I can't imagine calling anyone by the name Sparrow.The other two names I'll never understand are Jermajesty Jackson (son of Jermaine Jackson) and Apple Martin.Do you agree?I know some people think the name Apple is kind of cute...

The six unique celebrity baby names I love areSuri,Grier (daughter ofBrooke Shields),Leni (daughter ofHeidi Klum),Addie (daughter of Jeremy Sisto) and Levi (son ofMatthew McConaughey).Clearly I seem to be biased with names that end in an "I."


So,what do you think of the name Sparrow?Do you like any of the names I listed above?What are your favorite and least favorite celebrity baby names?__

P.S.What baby names do you like?Check out this addictive baby naming site,andhave you already named your unborn children?

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