Do you have any favorite fitness classes?Yoga?Spinning?Piloxing?Take a look at some of the newer classes on the workout scene,and tell me which you'd like to try...

__SurfSet Fitness:__Lucky New Yorkers,this new class just opened up at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan--and it looksawesome.You don't use a real surfboard (like the girl in the picture,above--who I would really like to be right now.Sigh,lovethe beach!),but a piece of surfboard-like equipment that it looks like it takes serious muscle control to stay on.In the class,you bust out lots of cardio as you mimic paddling out to sea and riding the waves.

Hoop-ercise:Were you a hula hoop master as a kid?(I tried hooping the other day and--sweet fancy moses,did my ab muscles get a workout.) The only equipment needed in this class is a hula hoop,which you use to "swirl,twirl,and trim your way into a fun and exciting workout" at California's Total Woman Gym and Day Spa.

__Zenergy:__ Ahhh...this class is a mix of strength-building yoga poses and calorie-burning jumps and lunges--it's supposed to help get your body and mind balanced,somehow both calming you and energizing you at the same time.

Beaming:This class has actually been around for a year but I'm jonesing to try it.It's all about balance (as in balance beam-ing,get it?),as it has you perched on your own low-to-the-ground padded bar.You have to engage your ab muscles,tuck in your butt,and try to stay on the beam while going through a series of poses.

Super-fun,right?Which would you like to try (or have you already tried)?

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