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Stop Stressing Over the Food!5种节省婚礼餐饮费用的方法

Whether you're doing dinner,lunch,brunch,或者,yes,breakfast,here's our step-by-step guide to creating the feast of a lifetime without breaking the bank.让我们吃吧!

brides blog logo newWhether you're doing dinner,lunch,brunch,或者,yes,breakfast,here's our step-by-step guide to creating the feast of a lifetime without breaking the bank.让我们吃吧!


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1。Score the Right Caterer

"The way to find a good caterer is by referral and reputation," says Nathaniel Neubauer ofContemporary Catering,在洛杉矶。"Ask people you trust,一定要阅读博客和评论。he says,但最重要的是,你和你的承办人需要点击:“当情侣们来品尝时,I always tell them,如果你喜欢食物和服务但不喜欢我,you shouldn't use us,' " he says."This is the most sacred day of your life,and working with your caterer should be a joyful experience from start to finish."

2.Do it Your Way

There's more than one way to serve a meal.这里有三个最常见的,plus their pros and cons.Whichever route you take,we recommend creating a seating chart to keep things orderly and minimize stress for guests.

_自助餐(费用:美元)好处:鼓励混合;为客人提供多种菜肴供选择。Cons: Long lines;厨师不能控制盘子的电镀,so things can get sloppy;more choices can mean higher food costs.Seated (Cost: $$)优点:优雅、正式;既然每个人都同时吃饭,it's easier to control the flow of the evening.缺点:限制混合;可能需要更多的服务员。车站(成本:$$)Pros: Personalizes the dining experience;客人可以与厨师互动;there's something for everyone.Cons: Often the most expensive option;in the wrong hands,你的招待会可能开始感觉像一个高级的美食广场。

三。Make it Delicious

如今,情侣们都拒绝按数字作画,也拒绝把菜单和乐趣混在一起。foodie-friendly options.我们最喜欢的趋势:

Try BreakfastTwo words: waffle station.If you have a morning or early-afternoon reception,you can serve an elaborate breakfast or brunch for much less than dinner.养活他们的家庭风格Passing around platters of food creates a bonding moment for guests,encouraging them to interact and creating a sense of community.本地思考Regional,farm-fresh foods are good for the earth and let you show off the area's cuisine.Bonus: Local ingredients often taste better than the shipped-in stuff.Create a Mini Restaurant为了一个价格,some caterers will allow guests to order on the spot from a limited menu—or even build a kitchen on-site.食品车订单Bring street grub to the party with these food-stands-on-wheels.检查你是否需要许可证,or be ready to shell out for parking tickets.

__ 4.Sit Down__ Seating has almost as much influence on your party's vibe as the food.达拉斯活动策划人塔拉·威尔逊告诉我们你的桌位选择,选一个,or mix things up.

Round:"There's a sense of intimacy here," she says.“你可以看到每个人,so you feel as if you can talk to all eight or ten people—even though you can really only speak to the two guests on either side of you."Rectangular:"It's gotten very popular.你觉得自己更像是在参加晚宴或餐馆,而不像是在参加宴会。”Square:"If you fill a reception hall with rectangles and rounds,添加几个方块可以在视觉上分解事物。”Cocktail:"High-top tables for two or four are great for the perimeter of the dance floor.They're not quite as comfortable as the other options,so they encourage guests to get up and mingle instead of lingering at their tables."


5.Serve This,Not That

We asked Fred Peightal,managing partner of Café Genevieve Catering in Jackson Hole,怀俄明解释一些他最受欢迎(和最昂贵)的作品的价格,并提供一些更便宜的替代品。BTW,我们计算了一下:每餐削减15美元相当于为150人的婚礼节省2250美元!


Luxe ($45) Roasted strip loin


Less ($30) Roasted tri-tip

“屠夫们过去常常自己留着这块肉。在右手边,it can taste as good as any steak."


"With chicken,the cost is about labor—it takes time to make the ricotta and stuff the breast."

Less ($30) Mustard-glazed chicken breast



"It's a seasonal fish and mostly line-caught.If you want it fresh,you're going to have to pay for it."

Less ($30) Seared Idaho rainbow trout

“鳟鱼非常丰富。And since it can be sustainably farm-raised,你一年四季都可以买到。”

提示:Obsessed with a pricey protein like lobster?让你的餐饮服务商把它做成一个有趣的肉汤,而不是入口菜。

6。Manage the Booze

Typically,bar service doesn't cost any more during dinner.Guests will still drink about an average of one drink every hour," says Wilson.她坐着吃晚餐最省钱的建议是:“和你的服务员交流。Ask them not to be heavy-handed with the pours—people will drink what you put in front of them.如果您想在每张桌子上分配一定数量的葡萄酒,请告知您的餐饮服务商。A great server will know how to pace the pours so the bottles last throughout the meal."

7。Deal With Diets and Allergies

好消息,素食主义者和麸质敏感者:在你的婚礼上,你不会被一盘敷衍的烤蔬菜卡住。现在,大多数餐饮服务商都能在阳光下适应各种饮食限制。(Fairmont hotels,例如,offer macrobiotic,gluten-free,and vegan menus.) More worried about your guests?不是为每一个乳糖不耐症的姑妈提供昂贵的定制餐,ask your caterer to offer one delectable option that anyone can eat.

--Written by Sophie Brickman forBrides

你会尝试这些技巧吗?What other tips do you have to save money on catering?


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