8 Steps to Picking the Right Wedding Photographer

想知道如何挑选合适的婚礼摄影师?These 8 steps will ensure the wedding pictures you want are the ones you'll get!

one wedHung up with figuring out how to pick the right婚礼摄影师?These 8 steps will ensure the结婚照你想要的就是你会得到的!

__Step 1: The pickup line.__Picking the right photographer is kind of like falling in love.If you're planning a wedding,坠入爱河是一个你应该知道的话题。When you first saw your fiancé,他们的一些事引起了你的注意。你以为,哇!how can I get him to talk to me?" Picking the right photographer is sort of similar,except it's pretty easy to get a photographer to talk to you.A professional will even travel some distance without any sort of commitment to get you to hire them.Back in the bar,摄影师的作品吸引了你的眼球:他们拍摄的风格,the way they frame their shots or the way they capture the perfect moment in time.Keep that in mind.

第二步:请他们出去喝酒.Now comes the more difficult part: the first date.Some people know if they have chemistry with someone after just one date.When you've narrowed down your list of wedding photographers,(我建议不要超过五点)该见面了。很可能你在雇用摄影师之前只会和他们见面一次,so you have to make it count.

Your husband-to-be may have been awkward at first,但一旦他在你身边变得舒适,一切顺利。你没有机会和摄影师在一起,事实证明,这是件好事。The photographer is often the unofficial wedding organizer,当然,他们基本上都是负责拍照。They should make you feel comfortable right away.它们应该对任何人都是友好的和即时的温暖。关于摄影师的鲜为人知的秘密是最好的人能得到最好的照片,因为人们在他们身边会立刻感到舒适。It makes the posed pictures less stiff looking,而且更真实。

第三步:找出你是否兼容。海森堡说无论你学什么,你变了。But a good photographer can limit this as much as possible by blending into the background by making people feel comfortable with their presence.你想要一个不妨碍你婚礼客人的摄影师,但同时,isn't sulking around the outskirts of the party,笨拙地试图拍照。这肯定会吓坏你的客人。


Step 4: Talk about you.The general rule on first dates is to try and get the other person to talk as much as possible.The rule is the exact opposite when meeting a photographer.Chances are good that you both have busy schedules,所以直接谈正事吧。So what do you talk about?一个好的摄影师想知道你想要什么。They've been to more weddings in the past year then you have in your entire life,但这并不意味着他们认识你。对,they could probably photograph your wedding satisfactorily without any instruction from you.这就是为什么你要雇佣一个专业人士。When I sit down with a client for the first time,my first question is always "What's the most important thing you want photographed?" I ask that because it gives me a sense of where the couple is coming from.This piece of information can set the direction for the whole meeting.

第五步:找出你想从摄影师那里得到什么.如果你不知道你想要什么照片,先告诉摄影师婚礼的细节。日期和wedding venueare important,同时也描述整体感觉或感觉。What's your wedding color palette?Is the ceremony inside or outside?婚礼有多大?How many wedding guests?一个好的摄影师将能够获取所有这些信息,并找出你真正想要的是什么。我经常问情侣们他们是怎么认识的,or their favorite story about themselves.Remember,这是第一次约会,但这也是一次采访,所以一个好的摄影师会尽量让你谈论你。

__Step 6: Do judge a book by its cover.__You hire a photographer because of the way their photos look.教育培训很好,but not enough.我在工作中学到的东西比任何研讨会或讲座都多。Let the photographers work speak for itself.Ask to see a collection of photos from just one wedding,not a mix of shots from different weddings.There should be 40-plus photos that the photographer can show you from a single wedding.If they can't or won't,这是一面红旗。If you like what you see then it's time to talk turkey.

Step 7: Decide the most you can spend and ask for the bill.婚纱摄影的费用在1000到10000美元之间。付多少钱没有好的经验法则。If you find a photographer you love,如果它不会让你负债,那就值得为他们付出代价。If you don't have the money,then keep looking,but don't expect to pay less thsn $1,000 and get quality work.Also,when you talk price,make sure you ask about printing rights.让他们解释一下他们给你的报价中包含了什么。有些摄影师对婚礼收费很低,but you have to buy all the albums and prints form them,which can be very pricey.确保你得到了你想得到的一切,你所付出的代价。And unlike a first date,you know who's going to be picking up the check.Photographers think long and hard about what price point they need to charge to stay in business.当他们给你报价时,don't haggle.深呼吸,记住,“你能得到你所付的钱。”准备好花你婚礼预算的10%在摄影师身上。20 years from now the only thing you will remember about your wedding day will be the pictures.This is not a place to cut corners.


Step 8: Talk it over and take the plunge.现在约会结束了,你有他们的号码,球在你的球场上。Sit down with your future spouse and talk it out.决定哪个摄影师能给你胃部温暖的感觉。If you're in love,你会准备好提议…雇用他们。

--Special to结婚的by David Sheppard-Brick ofPhotos by DSB你选摄影师了吗?你的决定因素是什么?


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