Hey everyone!I love eating seasonally,whenever I can.So that means no raspberries in the dead of winter (OK,unless I happen upon a craving for raspberry cheesecake).At the recommendation of my sis,I tried Trader Joe's Cranberry Apple Butter this week.How this seasonal treat can spice up your snack today,after the jump ...

We've talked about seasonal "butters" here on Vitamin G,recently.No,not real butter--fruit and squash butter,which is usually sans fat (or very low fat)--like sweet potato and pumpkin "butters." Mmm.

And the verdict on TJ's Cranberry-Apple Butter?Yum!I like it spread on toast or as a "dip" for apples or even (I know this is going to sound kind of strange) bananas.I'm pregnant,let's not forget,so I can get away with this stuff.

Nutrition stats: 0 grams of fat,20 calories per tablespoon,and 60 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements.Not bad!

(Not into fruit "butter"?Plain ol' jam could have some impressive health benefits.Check out thisrecent Vitamin G postfor more.)

__Sound like something you'd try?And,how do you feel about seasonal eating?Do you change your diet around a bit to incorporate new foods (in season fruits and veggies) as the seasons change?__

Photo: Vitamin G