If you're ready to escape the cold,the time to buy your trip isnow.Because according to anew forecastby travel appHopper,airline ticket prices are about to hit a three-year low before spiking again in spring.

Last year,the app notes,airline ticket prices dipped thanks to a combination of increased competition,decreased fuel prices,and unbundled airfare options—trends that have continued into 2016,offering a historical three-year low of about $210 per round-trip," according to the forecast.That's down 2.53 percent from last month and a whopping 14.2 percent from last January.

Hopper also predicted the destinations with the biggest price drops—and warmer weather locales are clearly the winners.For example,a trip to Honolulu this month could drop by 20 percent from its current $545 price tag,while you could save 17 percent on tickets to Miami and New Orleans or 23 percent on tickets to Rio de Janeiro.

Prices should also plummet on flights headed for Las Vegas,Key West,Phoenix,Bora-Bora,San Juan,Milan,and many more desirable destinations,the app predicts.Snatch up these tickets now,the app warns,because "spring fares will rise steadily and summer fares will see their usual spike due to seasonal demand."

If you could buy a discounted airline ticket,where would you want to go this month?

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