This week's news features the good (Beyoncé!Michelle Obama!玛丽莎·梅耶尔!Hillary Frey!),坏人(做女人很贵,and one of my favorite actors let a sexist remark slip at Comic-Con),疯狂的(8000美元)女生联谊会冲锋班,anyone?),and more.Read on--then tell me what you think!

This week's news features the good (Beyoncé!Michelle Obama!玛丽莎·梅耶尔!Hillary Frey!),坏(做女人是expensive,and one of my favorite actors let a sexist remark slip atComic-Con),疯狂的(8000美元)女生联谊会冲锋班,anyone?),and more.Read on--then tell me what you think!

__VIDEO: Beyoncé to Michelle Obama: "I'm proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to." __

如果有什么好消息可以结束你的周末,this letter fromBeyoncéMichelle Obamais it.In the touching video tribute to my favorite First Lady,比昂说,“米歇尔是一个真正强大的非裔美国女性的终极典范。”她称赞米歇尔在养育家庭和照顾数百万人方面所起的重要作用。healthy eating initiatives.How wonderful to see one powerful,accomplished woman honor another's remarkable achievements.

说到第一夫人,She Just Launched a New Campaign Program!

星期五,First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to Virginia to officially launch "It Takes One," the new Obama for America initiative that emphasizes the impact every individual can have on this election.In thecampaign video,米歇尔提醒选民,今年的选举将比四年前,which is why she and美国总统奥巴马鼓励选民在选举中再增加一人参与:登记一名新选民,或者在选举日开车送邻居去投票站。“你可以激励五个人,or 10,或者在11月前有100个新人,”第一夫人说。"Don't ever underestimate the impact you can have." What do you think of the Obamas' new initiative?I'm pretty excited to see the online strategies,像这个一样,以及未来几个月两项运动的社交媒体策略。


我为从鼓舞人心的消息转变为糟糕的消息而道歉:Dailyfinance.com做了数学,当你把所有与女性有关的成本加起来,总数达到令人震惊的84.9万美元。Let's take a look.我不是抱怨最大的影响因素之一是女性比男性平均寿命长5年(成本=200000美元)。但是其他的一些费用让人恼火。例如,women typically pay 30 percent more than men in health insurance—more than 90 percent of the best-selling health保险计划对女性的收费高于男性(cost = $44,000).Wait,还有:DailyFinance Cites同工同酬as a whopping $400,000 burden for women.最重要的是,所有这些因素都使女性有必要了解投资和个人理财,哪一个,对,is absolutely true,但我认为这个结论不小心将责任从我们经常面对的结构性缺陷中转移了出来。

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Thinks Pretty Girls Aren't Funny

More bad news bears.Joseph Gordon-Levitt,who I've been a major fan of since10 Things I Hate About Youwas one of the first PG-13 moves I was allowed to watch (!),said earlier this weekat Comic-Con,“大多数漂亮的女孩都不好笑。”是的,他想恭维你Looper共同主演Emily Blunt,他说的话让他在拍摄时笑了,但是来吧!As someone who has worked with佐伊-德斯切奈尔,Ellen Page,和Anna Kendrick,I'd think Gordon Levitt would have a deeper appreciation for how funny attractive females can be.


Pledge Prep: Prepping Students for Sorority Recruitment

*猜猜哪种大学经历像“速配会面试会选美会高档夏令营”?williamhill388That would be sorority recruitment.万一你错过了New York Times article关于女生联谊会顾问和教练,here's a recap.More and more girls and their mothers are turning to workshops and private consultants (at $125 per hour) to deal with the pressures of sorority rush.These involve not only making a positive impression during the multiple rounds of rush,but also compiling mounds of paperwork,包括“强调社区服务的简历,leadership,academics and teamwork,各章校友推荐信,最好是在校园里,and reference letters." In the article,拉什人讨论他们的急症前节食和焦虑,还有一个女孩说,从你的首选女生联谊会上剪下来的感觉“就像分手一样”。I think it's a shame that a process established to create sisterhood and lifelong friendships is being turned into a high-stakes judgment fest.你怎么认为?有没有人去过冲刺车间?*海军在船上引入了中性卫生间

Last week,海军宣布他们将不再有小便器了在他们的许多航空母舰上。The change is meant to foster gender equality through a gender-neutral environment.有很多人在说话,和what they're saying不完全赞成新政策。One writer spoke of the need to get rid of the "nanny navy." A navy vet argued that women can use urinals with a "bit of practice." Other vets said they didn't see what the big deal is,and that it would be good for sanitation,因为水手们倾向于把浸泡在小便池里的水扔掉,这会导致堵塞。你觉得海军航空母舰上中性卫生间怎么样?Not entirely necessary or a positive step toward gender parity?

Marissa Mayer并不是雅虎本周唯一一位高层女性约会对象:会见希拉里·弗雷,Yahoo!News New Editor-In-Chief

Congratulations,希拉里!Frey被提升为总编辑此举似乎是雅虎加强对原创新闻业承诺的手段。Of her strategy,Frey says that she wants to concentrate on being smart and focused on what Yahoo!already has rather than rushing new products,以及离开博客策略。"When I came here it sort of made me crazy that we had all these great reporters being referred to as bloggers," she remarks."We're a newsroom,不是一个博客网络。”还可以看到希拉里丈夫马克·洛特的这条可爱的祝贺微博:


Women of the Internet on How It Has Changed Them

And on that Note,从网上的女士那里阅读这些帐户。互联网对我们的影响是我最近一直在思考的问题。现在,when I have a clever thought or read a great article,one of my first impulses is to send it into the Twittersphere.I have mixed feelings about this,and reading about how some of the smartest women on the Internet think it has changed them in大西洋电报汇编非常有洞察力。According to them,互联网让我们变得更强硬,a bit ADD,更加小心,厌倦的nostalgic,信心十足。它做了所有的事情,从带出我们内心的八年级女孩到把乐趣变成工作。好奇的?这是一本好书。

Women Beating Men on IQ Tests for the First Time


And,我们又写了一封漂亮的信……这对你们来说可能是个惊喜,但这里有一些很好的消息来结束你的周末,对吧!新的研究发现女性智商得分上升在人类之上。Historically,women have been as many as five points behind (那是有点惊讶!).Psychologists think the rise could be due to women's more demanding lifestyles,as we multi-task between raising a family and working.Kudos,brainy ladies!做一个聪明的人总是一个主要的魅力。