We made it!We asked you guys to vote on the "Greatest Ever" series finale of the'90s.Without a shadow of a doubt,Boy Meets Worldwon by a landslide.Then we asked you to vote on your favorite series finale of the'00s.It wasn't quite as large a margin as BMW,butFriendscame in way ahead of the competition and took the honors.For a final twist,we asked you yesterday tochoosebetween your belovedFriendsandBoy Meets Worldwhen we put them head to head.And we have a winner...

So,in a battle of '90s vs '00s,which show did you deem "The Greatest TV Series Finale" EVER?

Was it harder to say good-bye to Cory,Topanga and Mr.Feeney?

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Or were you more choked up when Rachel,Ross and the rest of the gang all went their separate ways?

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Ready for the winner?

Any idea on which show won?

So many of you said you had a hard time choosing between the two...

But,the winner is...

Keep scrolling...


Your winner is:


They took 54.5 percent of the votes toBoy Meets World's 45.5 percent!

What do you think?Did the right show win?

What "Greatest Ever" category should we vote on next week?

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