他们会有婴儿# 20吗?

The Arkansas couple famous for having 19 kids say they'd like to have another baby.Lots of people, doctors included, think they're making a mistake.


The Arkansas couplefamous for having 19 kidssay they'd like to have another baby.Lots of people, doctors included, think they're making a mistake.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar became famous thanks to the TLC reality show19 Kids and Counting, which introduced the devoutly Christian clan to the world.The latest season of the show has showcased Michelle's difficult pregnancy with youngest child Josie, who was born three months premature and was in intensive care for more than six months until she came home in June.She still requires round-the-clock monitoring, but the couple tellPeoplemagazine that they'reopen to having a 20th child."We don't expect people to understand," Jim Bob says in response to critics who think that the couple is, at the very least, irresponsible for having so many kids.

"Some think we are over populating the world," says Jim Bob who abstains from using all forms of contraception with his wife."We are following our convictions." Psychotherapist and author Jeanne Safer, PhD., tells the magazine that the Duggars' procreating "seems like utterly obsessive behavioron the part of the parents … without regard to the impact on their family."

Likewise, viewers of the show and internet commenters seem very judgmental, questioning things like what Michelle is doing to her body having so many children—and wondering how long she'll be around to raise them all—as well as asking how much attention the two parents can actively give to so many children.

"It stabs my heart when there is truth in it," Michelle says of the criticism.But that doesn't mean she's going to stop trying to have at least one more child."I'm not pregnant right now, but that could change tomorrow or the next day or next week. That is out of my hands."

Do any of you come from a super-big family?Do you have a max number of kids you'd want to have, or would you just go with what happened naturally?Are any you worried about Michelle's health?Tell us what you think in the comments!__

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