The Women Behind框架布兰妮斯皮尔斯解释玫瑰的隐藏意义

导演萨曼莎斯塔克和New York Timessenior editor Liz Day discuss the latest on the aftermath of their documentary, and their reactions to the Project Rose conspiracy theories.
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框架布兰妮斯皮尔斯导演萨曼莎斯塔克和New York Timessenior editor Liz Day were in the middle of interviews about their谈话 - 关于纪录片当新闻打破了这一点Justin Timberlake had apologized通过Instagram帖子来矛。

“I’m hopeful that everyone can learn a little bit from reexamining the past,” Day tells魅力when asked about the statement from Timberlake, which came after abacklash来自观众,他们在与矛的公共分手之后感受到歌手的行为是不合时宜的。

“It's very shocking,” Stark tells魅力of the passionate response since the film's release on Hulu on February 5. “I think it's the power of seeing someone as a human, and I'm proud of that.”

框架布兰妮斯皮尔斯,这需要详细看看流行明星的崛起和垮台,随后的辐射她父亲的保护统治, has riveted a public eager to know what life is truly like for the 39-year-old mom of two. It's been a roller-coaster ride for Stark and Day, who are now seen as experts on Spears's situation.

“We want to continue pursuing Britney’s story, particularly the way in which the conservatorship has operated, both at its beginning and throughout,” Day tells魅力。“我们对我们很感兴趣。”

粉丝也是如此 - 特别是参与#Freeblitney运动的人。最新的理论盘旋互联网是,考虑到“项目玫瑰”公告矛在社交媒体上取笑,她在某种程度上参与了纪录片。虽然斯塔克和日子在我们的采访中没有直接反驳那些谣言,但他们确实解释了为什么他们倾向于矛的热爱玫瑰的热爱以及一些隐藏的消息。“她比人们更聪明地给予信任,”一天说。

So what's next in Spears's story, especially as it pertains to Stark and Day's investigation? With more to uncover, the pair talk to魅力关于他们希望下一步实现的目标,他们对矛最近的陈述的思考,是的,项目上升了。

魅力: A lot has happened in the last few hours, mainlyJustin Timberlake’s apologyto Britney. What are your thoughts?



Liz Day:I agree. We were really surprised at the reception the film has made, not only with the general public but with many of the principals involved. It was really surprising to see Sarah Silverman, and now Justin, come out and say, “I’m sorry.” We’re equally interested in watching the public recognize their own complicity as well, saying, “I’m sorry I laughed along with these jokes,” or, “I'm sorry I bought those magazines.” I’m hopeful that everyone can learn a little bit from reexamining the past and make us rethink, Who are we doing this to today? Who are we going to do this to tomorrow?


Sam:It’s very shocking. I think it’s the power of seeing someone as a human. So many fans have so many of these very heartfelt messages, thanking me for showing Britney as a human being for the first time they felt like. Once you know someone’s story and connect with them, often you’re so much kinder to them. That’s why I do this work. If we could see each other as humans, we could connect much better. You can see, it just happened [with the public reckoning]. I’m proud of that part.

在多大程度上归因于纪录片the judge’s ruling yesterday杰米矛不再有唯一控制她的保护统统?如果没有纪录片,这会发生这种情况吗?

Liz:I personally don’t think it had much to do with our documentary. It was expected. The judge had indicated they were going to appoint the financial company Britney wants in control alongside of Jamie Spears, her father, in a previous hearing. But the interesting thing is Britney’s lawyer made clear in yesterday’s hearing that Britney still wants Jamie gone entirely. We know that’s a separate issue for a separate day in court, so I think we’re all really interested to see what happens next.



Sam, yourecently talked to娱乐Tonightabout the lengths you went to trying to get Britney’s participation as well as the extended members of her family. So what did you make of她的陈述earlier this week?

Sam:I really hope Britney gets to tell her story and speak in her own words. My favorite Instagrams from Britney are the ones where她拿着相机。它是如此感人听她唱“祝你生日快乐” to her kids from behind the camera, see where she points it, what she thinks is important. It’s quite unclear if she’s the person behind her Instagram, so it’s unclear if she expressed those feelings. There’s no way for us to know. I hope we get a documentary where Britney’s holding the camera one day.


Liz:To be honest, I didn’t read too much into it. It’s cryptic. As Sam points out, there’s so much we don’t know about her Instagram and the messages she may or may not be sending through it. [Laughs.]但我完全同意我们从靠近布兰妮的人那里听到的一致消息,他们关心她很多,是他们相信有一天她会准备好讲述她的故事。我们也想看看。我们希望直接收到她的消息,未经过滤,并让她控制她所说的话,以及她如何对事物的感受。

What do you both know about Britney’s Project Rose? There’sa theoryinvolving the roses and flowers seen in the documentary and how it correlates to what Britney’s been posting on her Instagram. Some people think she was secretly contributing to your doc or you had her support all along.

Sam:I’ll tell you what happened. We filmed this entire thing during COVID; in order to be COVID safe, we had to film outside. If these interviews are going to be outside, I wanted that to be a motivated, stylistic decision. I didn’t want people randomly outside. I had been looking at Britney’s Instagram a lot, and I noticed Britney loves roses. There are so many posts with pictures of roses and also so many posts of her holding flowers. There’s also this greenery, backyard feel to a lot of her posts. I really wanted the documentary to live in the world of that. I had this rose wall built for the fans, because I was trying to make the amount of roses reflect their relationship to Britney. We did some interviews, and then Britney posted about Project Rose. That is the order of events. That’s what happened.

Liz:That's why we used roses throughout the film, as the motif and in connection to Britney. I don’t know that we know much more about Project Rose, but are excited to see what Britney wants to reveal about it.


So you can say you had no support from Britney Spears? There was not some underground communication that she was giving you her support?

Sam:We are not saying anything. I just told you the sequence of the events. Yes.


Sam:Also, the ending...there’s a rose Instagram at the ending…

That turns to soap.

Sam:这是我最喜欢的Britney Instagram帖子,因为她说,“看到这个粉红色的玫瑰?看看它有多漂亮吗?“然后她挤压它,这不是一个玫瑰,她说,“愚弄了你。”对我来说太棒了。这是在我的脑海中大多是我们必须在一个突出的地方使用的全部时间,所以这也是一种动力。

Liz:I love that choice by Sam. It speaks to so much that we learned in this film about the perception of how much control Britney has and how much smarter she is than many people give her credit for. Ultimately, how she feels about things and what she might be saying is quite an interesting mystery.

What did you make of her Instagram video in which she talked about the Super Bowl? Everybody is now saying she was talking about your documentary. People are saying, “I see you, Britney, I know what you’re talking about.” What was your interpretation?



Liz, there’s been so much in the media about how we all need to be held accountable. Was there any talk about examiningThe New York Times’s own coverage of Britney throughout the years?

Liz:Yeah, obviously we don’t hold ourselves to a different standard than we hold anybody else. If you go back and look at some of the headlines, they might come off in a way that they wouldn’t be written in the same way today. Both personally and institutionally, I think there’s a lot of complicity to examine, for sure.

Sam:我们将其煮沸到几个小报,因为小报和巨型头条新闻的大,光泽的相框是我们向你展示的那篇文章的世界。这就是每个人都在报摊上看到的东西。但这是一个很好的观点The New York Timesis making it, and we didn’t point out our own headlines. There’s an article thatJulia Jacobs wroteonThe Times现在她确实谈论了这一点并链接到文章The Timeswrote about Britney. But none of us were involved with that.

Have either of you ever run into Britney or had any encounters with her? Or seen her in concert?

[They both shake their heads no.]

Aside from Britney’s parents and Jamie Lynn, who else would you have liked to talk to on the record?

Liz:这么多人。她的哥哥,布莱恩,你看到谁an excerpt of an interview with, in which he talks a little about his feelings about the conservatorship. I would have loved to speak to him more about that. I think Andrew Wallet, who was the co-conservator of her estate for over a decade. I would have loved to hear from him and why he stepped down. I would have loved to hear that on the record. Kevin Federline. He was so closely involved with Britney when she was having children and having many of her public struggles. I would have loved to hear from him. So many people we would have loved to get on camera to provide their perspective.

Sam:I would have loved to talk to Jodi Montgomery, who is right now her temporary personal conservator. I’m really interested in her role.

我们对这份纪录片进行后续行动的机会是什么?我想象在幕后发生了更多的事情anyidea about—people reaching out to you, wanting to talk. Where do you go from here, and what do you hope comes next from an investigative perspective?

Liz:There’s so much more I think we could have included and we want to include and want to continue pursuing in Britney’s story, particularly the way in which the conservatorship has operated, both at its beginning and throughout. I think stay tuned on that front. There’s a lot we’re interested in; as journalists, we encourage anyone with any firsthand experience to reach out. We’d love to speak to anybody.

Sam:I second Liz on everything she’s said. We were all listening in on the audio of the court feed, really trying we’re still interested. And people with firsthand experience, get in touch.

Liz:I would just add to that that one thing that is expected to play out next in court, according to the filings: Britney’s court-appointed counsel is expected to raise more objections to the way that Jamie, her father, has managed Britney’s money. We’re particularly interested in seeing more records unsealed and getting more transparency and details about the way he’s managed her money and the way that Britney possibly objects to that.


Liz:Yes, including business managerLou Taylor, from Tri Star Management, who has stepped down, and other people as well.

Finally, what have you heard from Felicia Culotta, Britney’s former assistant, since the documentary aired?

Sam:她写短信像布兰妮英斯达写道gram posts, with tons of emojis and exclamation points. I’ve talked to her several times through text and voice since it aired, and she was very pleased with it.

Jessica Radloff is the魅力West Coast editor.