Welcome to the bikini series!I'mGlamour's senior online editor,Marissa,and I'm a huge fitness fanatic.I recently discovered pro bikini figure models—a group of women who compete in fitness competitions specifically geared toward the ideal beach body.In order to achieve it,they've mastered the art of building muscle and blasting fat through specific workouts,plus a diet and supplement plan that optimizes the results.After meeting with a local NYC bikini competition team,I decided to try their exact workout and diet plan for a month,and I'm documenting it all here on Vitamin G.Follow my bikini plan poststo see all the updates,from what I'm eating to how I'm working out.Here's the full storyif you need to catch up.

Hello,everyone.So,right in the home stretch of my workout plan,I got sick.Really,really sick.

I was traveling abroad,eating and drinking things I don't normally eat and drink,and I came down with what most likely was terrible food poisoning.I was completely out of commission for the past week and a half and haven't touched a cup of coffee or a dumbbell since.

Now,a funny thing happens when you get food poisoning: You stop caring about Paleo or protein or carbs or calories and just eat whatever your stomach can handle.For the first two days of the illness,my entire day's meal consisted of a banana,eaten in small bites throughout the day,along with a water bottle that I dumped a packet ofDavid Kirsch Vitamin Mineral Powderinto.This ended up being my saving grace in more ways than one.I always pack these convenient single-dose powders for a trip to fight off a cold,but it turns out that they're exactly what you need if you have food poisoning to help rehydrate and rebalance your electrolytes.I had also read a story (probably in our ownGlamourmagazine!) years ago about how bananas are the perfect food to eat after a stomach bug,as they're gentle on your body and contain potassium.As a plus,they're easy to find just about anywhere.

After that,I started eating brown rice,chicken,eggs,potatoes,and fruit,for the most part.Not totally off my diet,but not necessarily what I was eating beforehand,either.As for the fact that I haven't worked out in over a week,the main problem there is that your body will break down muscle before fat when it needs fuel.You won't necessarily gain weight when you're sick since you're not eating like crazy,but you will lose some of your muscle tone if you stop working out.Do you care about that when you have a fever and are sweating and just trying to make it through the day?Nah.


I find that when I get too ambitious and start working out too soon after being sick,it depletes my energy and brings on a last little wave of sickness.For that reason,I've learned to really wait it out before hitting the gym again.My compromise?Wall sits.Since the thighs are the largest muscle group in the body,working them is a quick way to rev up your body.First,I started with one 30-second wall-sit in the elevator up to my apartment.The next day,I did three 30-second wall sits in a row as I was waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer.It might sound like nothing,but when you haven't done any sort of physical activity,it makes you feel human again and slowly ease you back into things.

This Thursday (tomorrow!) is my first official date with the gym again,and I can't wait.But the process of being sick taught me a few important things that anyone into healthy eating and working out should know,so I figured I'd share.To recap:

  1. If you have food poisoning and can't get to a doctor,it's best to just let it out.Taking medication to stop whatever is going on will only delay the bacteria being forced out of your body.Once you've stopped throwing up,rehydrate!Dump a low-sugar mineral powder like Emergen-C or my beloved David Kirsch option into a body of water and sip slowly.Bananas are also key.

  2. Over the next few days,obey theBRATdiet,not your usual Paleo or weight-loss diet!It stands for Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast and basically means that you should__ eat bland foods__ that won't upset your stomach.I am not an applesauce or a toast fan,so I improvised by adding in potatoes and cold-pressed juices,as well as egg whites and chicken.

  3. Don't rush back to the gym.The gym can wait,and you're not eating much,so you're not going to gain fat,you just might lose a little muscle.To test yourself,try a 30-second wall-sit when you think you're feeling up to a workout and see how you do.At the very least,it will make you feel alive again.

Hoping everyone's summer is going great and that none of you are coming down with any bugs!Once my workout and diet is back on track,I'll share the final results of this plan to see how my body has (or hasn't) changed.


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