Proof that even cartoon characters deal with body image woes?In the newest direct-to-DVDScooby Doomovie,Daphne is "cursed" when she goes from her normal size 2—to a size 8.Gasp.

In the movie,theScooby Doocrew is cursed with dealing with their worst nightmares.For Daphne,that means a new dress size.And here's how she deals when she sees what's happened:

Her transformation—and reaction to it—has sparked a lot of conversation (and controversy) on social media,with critics being concerned that it encourages"fat shaming."Currently,the average woman in the U.S.wears a size 12 or 14—so "cursing" someone with a size 8 has (understandably) ruffled feathers.WritesThe Good Men Project: "...the decision to fat-shame Daphne in this newest movie is downright repugnant.It's sad to think that my daughter can't even watch a cartoon about a dog solving mysteries without negative body stereotypes being thrown in her face....Daphne and the gang deserve better.And so does my daughter."

Warner Bros.responded to the kerfuffle with a statement to theHuffington Post,saying that the message was intended to be a more positive one: "...While Daphne is at first upset by the sudden change,there is a touching moment where Fred points out that he didn't even notice a change and that she always looks great to him.At the end,when Velma explains how they figured out the mystery,she points out that the curse actually DIDN'T take away what means the most to each of them: their friendship.The loss of Daphne's regular appearance is proven to be a superficial thing and not what actually matters the most to her."

But what doyouthink?