Oh my God,you guys.If I hear that "Rude" song one more time,I'm going to drive my car into a ditch and run screaming from it.The good news is,we can all take a break from this summer's most annoying song and listen to something super-useful instead:Bridal Bar Radiofrom iHeartRADIO.

It's a Canadian-reggae-free hour with weddings expertHarmony Waltonchatting up some of the top pros in the weddings industry to answer all of your pressing wedding-y questions.Recent shows have included Wedding Planning for Grooms,Day-Of Wedding Planning,and Personalizing Your Wedding.I TOLD you,super useful.

And the best part is,you don't have to tune in live every week.You can check out all of the past episodes online (for free) atiHeartRADIO,or you candownload the free appand listen through your phone.And if you just got engaged,you can binge-listen to dozens and dozens of previous episodes,which cover dress shopping,destination weddings,registries,wedding trends,and pretty much everything else in the weddings realm.

Have You listened to Bridal Bar Radio yet?If not,will you be binge-listening this weekend?

I would be ALL over this if I were getting married.I get such a cheap thrill from multitasking.Planning my wedding AND running on the treadmill or cooking dinner?Where do I sign up?(Pay attention!I told you,right here.)