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我的职业不:Flipping Out‘s jenni pulos’10个肯定失败的方法

Valerie Jarrett,奥巴马总统高级顾问和白宫妇女和女孩委员会主席,stopped by the Glamour offices.

在她的新书里,Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way,Jenni PulosFlipping Outfame shares some intimate details about her path to success.Here,she talks about failure—and 10 career no-nos guaranteed to get you there.

我和同一个人分居两次后,婚姻失败了,我觉得我们很幸福!I failed in my career.I wanted to become an actress but instead,最后我在一个真人秀节目中出演了我的日常工作,which I hoped no one in Hollywood would know about.我没有让我的汽车和公寓清洁。I failed Spanish at UCLA.甚至Flipping Outhas been something of a failure because my boss,Jeff Lewis,不断提醒我我把事情搞砸了。

The more mistakes I made,我越是意识到没有什么可怕的,只有积极的经验才能得到。The trick to gaining something positive from failure is to find the reason why you've failed,从中吸取教训,and then eliminate one or even twenty more things that have been obstacles.Look at failure as a teacher rather than something that defines you negatively.

我认识的最成功的人,respect,and admire all have war stories and major battle scars from their failures.我知道你以前听过这个,but it's true: It doesn't matter how many times you fall down.你回去只是要紧。

Jenni's top 10 ways to fail:

1。Don't do the work.

Here's what I know for sure: no one really sustains a career by being lucky.Robin Williams and Jim Carrey have often spoken about how they used to practice their material in the mirror for hours,天,weeks,and months—however long it took until it no longer felt rehearsed but natural.Succeeding requires dedication to your craft,继续研究,在困难的情况下学会做好工作。

2.Don't keep your promises.

如果你不愿意坚持下去,许下承诺是不值得的。In your business or personal life this is an act of destruction.你不能保证向慈善机构捐款,也不能写支票。Not keeping your promises is a surefire path to failure.

三。Keep lying because everyone is doing it.

我假装我的职业生涯真的开始了,当它真的是一辆汽车因为一辆香蕉车翻倒而卡在405高速公路上的时候。I told everyone I met that I was a great actress and a talented,funny comedienne when I had no idea what either of those two things really meant.Whenever someone was attentive or had the desire to show me how to be better,I had no interest.Their attempt to help me grow meant nothing to me because in my mind,I was already talented and well on my way to becoming a star.


你必须愿意比你想象的更努力地工作。This is what is called "the process." When you don't think you have five more minutes in your day,find it.When you think you can't do ten more sit-ups,去做吧。当你认为你找不到时间关注你的家人时,算了。爱默生曾经说过,"The difference between a hero and a regular man is that a hero was braver five minutes longer."


5.Present yourself in an inauthentic way and expect real results.


Showing up in an authentic way means you are fully present,已订婚的,如果你完成了工作,you're exhausted by the end of the day.你不能只是打电话让他们对你的成绩印象深刻。


当你生活在我里面的时候,每一个男人或女人都是为了他或她自己。When you live in the we,you can move mountains for the collective greater good.It took lots of expensive therapy for me to embrace that it's not about me.我知道……这个启示让我震惊,too!

7。Don't listen to your mother when she is giving you good advice.

You may think she's being critical,judgmental,失去联系,old-威廉希尔备用网址fashioned,恶作剧,怀疑。你甚至可能是对的。But,you have to remember she loves you and cares about the choices you're making along the way.Her approach,her tone,她在特定情况下的表现可能并不总是与你看待事物的方式格格不入,但这并不一定使她错了。And it certainly doesn't always make her right.But the reality is,she likely has more insight than you're giving her credit for,so don't dismiss her words without some thought.

8。Giving up the fight when you believe in something.

什么时候?Flipping Outwas initially picked up,我觉得我应该为这场演出获得某种荣誉。After all,想要的人生下了Flipping Out.I stood firm that I wouldn't do the show unless I got some type of co-producer credit.

杰夫背着我,向我和电视台表明,他希望我能参加这个节目。It was a scary thing to go through,but in the end I didn't give up the fight for something I believed in.我就是这样成为制片人的。


人们经常说他们不知道如何分类我的外观,因为我不适合任何特定的刻板印象。I wasn't the typical "best friend" and they didn't think I was lead material either.我不明白为什么没有人把我看作是领导者是因为这个职位需要大量的责任。由于我不愿意做这项工作,我不能成为一名出色的球员。我避免为自己的角色承担任何责任,因为我没有做好准备,没有得到我想要的角色,ready,愿意,or able to deliver consistently.

10.Don't write the check.

I said I wanted to be a better actress but I wasn't using my resources to achieve that.我从来没有投资过可能有助于我学习手艺和推动职业发展的书籍或DVD。我唯一关注的是不满意。

回头看,我没有把钱花在我说想要的东西上。Instead,I went out to dinner with friends where I could complain about not working.做决定去追求我说的我想要的东西会有很大的不同。I started making money in my career and it was because I was willing to write the check.

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