There is no denying that satay is delicious—but the traditional Thai recipe also contains its fair share of peanut butter and coconut milk,which can hike the dish up in terms of calories and fat.Not the case with this version.

This healthier satay recipe is courtesyJet Tila—whom you might know as a judge onCutthroat KitchenandFood Fighters—is the chef and partner atPakpao Thaiin Dallas.It uses far less peanut butter and coconut milk than you'd find in many other satay recipes,and you can switch out the chicken for beef if you'd like.

The recipe makes 10 to 15 skewers,or about three servings (depending how hungry you are).So,one serving of skewers with peanut sauce will clock in around 220 calories.

Let's just take a look,shall we?

Chicken Satay

1 Tbsp.curry powder

1/2 Tbsp.pepper

1 Tbsp.salt

1 Tbsp.sugar

1 tsp.garlic powder,or more to taste

2 pound chicken breast (or beef flank steak)

1/4 cup coconut milk

10 to 15 bamboo skewers

Combine curry powder,pepper,salt,and sugar and garlic powder,and coconut milk in medium bowl.Slice chicken breast/beef against the grain into 1 1/2-inch wide slices.Add to marinade and coat evenly.Thread chicken onto skewers,leaving 1 1/2 to 2 inches at bottom of each skewer.Cover and marinate for 4 hours (up to overnight).Grill chicken over high heat on an outdoor grill or using stove-top grill pan until cooked through;about 3 to 5 minutes each side.Total prep time: 25 minutes.

Peanut Sauce

1 Tbsp.vegetable oil

1/2 curry paste,or more to taste

1 cup coconut milk

2 Tbsp.chunky peanut butter,or more to taste

1 sauce

1/2 tsp.rice vinegar

1 Tbsp.sugar,or more to taste

Heat oil in small saucepan over high heat and stir-fry curry paste for 15 seconds.Stir in coconut milk and bring to boil;boil 2 minutes.Add peanut butter.Stir constantly until sauce begins to thicken,2 to 3 minutes.Reduce heat to simmer and add fish sauce,rice vinegar and sugar.Cook sauce,stirring,1 minute more.Remove from heat.An oily film will rise to top;skim it off if you wish.Total prep time: 10 minutes.

Are you a satay fan?Would you try this version?