Vanessa Hudgensis in love--and she doesn't care who knows about it!After years of keeping her teen romance with herHigh School MusicalstarZac Efronrelatively on the down low,she's hot and heavy with actor Austin Butler,who is perhaps best known for appearing the *HSM *spin-off filmSharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

Things are so steamy between the couple,who started dating in September,that I feel like every time I see new photos of them,they're in a new kind of PDA pose.And it doesn't matter where they are either--while watching the Lakers play recently,they were way more into each other than they were the game,and during a trip to an art museum,they only seemed to be studying...each other.

See for yourself:

In his car...

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At a gas station...

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At the Getty Center museum...

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During a Lakers Game (which Megan pointed out in herThis Week In Awkward Celebrity Momentsstory)...


Poolside in Miami Beach...

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Where do you stand on PDA?Are you a gal who goes for it--or are you a little more conservative when it comes to that kind of thing.And how do you feel about Vanessa and Austin's canoodling?

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