Backyard barbecue season is so close,I canalmosttaste the grill-charred burgers and ice-cold beer.If you're not already psyched for summer {*As if.*},here are four things that are worth getting excited about:

  1. Small bites in mini jelly jars.Two of the offerings at a recent Ball Canning event I attended: s'mores and chopped salad in4-ounce quilted jelly jars.SO cute!I will totally be copying this idea for summer entertaining.
  1. These wire thing-a-ma-jammies.I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture,but these round wire grids (called "frogs" in the flower-arranging world) rest on top of your mason jars when you're using them as vases.You place flowers between the different squares,so your blooms are evenly spaced,instead of flopping to one side.(SO great if you're arranging your own wedding centerpieces!)
  1. These drink infusers.Again,my photo stinks,but they were showing offthese neat little infusers,which screw onto a handled Ball jar.So you can infuse your drink with,say,lemon and mint—which sit in a cylinder in the middle of your beverage—without choking on chunks of either every time you sip.
  1. This handy way to use up fresh herbs.An outdoor herb garden means more fresh parsley and chives than you'll ever use.Rather than letting them rot in your fridge,chop your fresh herbs,sprinkle them inthis little silicone tray,then pour oil on top.Freeze the tray,then you can use the cubes as flavorful starters for sauces and stir-fries.(Basically an recipe that starts with heating oil.) Yes,you could use an ice cube tray—if you don't mind slightly oily,chive-flavored ice cubes later.Blech.__

Check out more fun products from Ball Canning here.

__Are you super excited for summer entertaining?

We had our first barbecue last weekend,but it was too cold for anyone but the griller (my husband) to be outside.Boo.