The folks over atRefinery29seem to have a sixth sense for spotting cool threads and vintage styles anywhere and everywhere (Copenhagen,Saigonandthe Obamas' former stomping ground,just to name a few) and that includes the great big swath of uncharted territory that is the World Wide Web.Knowing that you lovely ladies likea good vintage findas much as we do,we're going to be highlightingRefinery29's daily eBay scores starting with this little gem:

*I'm not a fan of super trendy stuff,but I do love rotating in an old classic as a fresh staple.Basic pleated trouserslike these from Escadais a great way to road-test the slouchy trouser look without going overboard.*-Christene Barberich

Start your engines ladies: The top bid is currently $58!Click here to see more.

Have you given into the pleated trouser trend yet?Bought anything off of Ebay lately?

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