Dating: 3 Things You Don't Have to Feel Guilty About When You're in a Relationship

我爱 约会 .但是,let's be honest, 浪漫 is not always picture-perfect.(How boring would 那个 是吗?所以,no matter what kind of 关系 你进来了,from casual to coupled up,you don't have to feel guilty if... and then,you're just not in the mood

强调,疲劳,cramps—it's not ALWAYS 点钟。Your libido is a very sensitive thing,and it usually has a mind of its own.So don't beat yourself up if you occasionally prefer to hit the hay,instead of roll in it.Your guy might feel this way too from time to time.Remind yourself (and him) that it's a two-way street. occasionally check out other guys

When you find love,you don't automatically stop using your eyes.Hotties will cross your path and yes,it's OK to take a look.显然,it's unwise to flirt up a storm,但是你好,you don't have a blindfold on.Cut your guy some slack,也是。Do you really expect him not to notice if a 吉塞尔 look-alike walks by?It's just a glance,not a sign that he loves you any less.

…有时候,you just want to hang out with your girls

Your boyfriend is kind,滑稽的,聪明的,sensitive—everything you could ever want in a man!But…he's not a girlfriend.没关系!你的 朋友 are important to you,so of course you're going to want some quality time with them.有一天,your guy might hang out with you and your pals,and another time,you and your friends might have a girls-only outing.That's a healthy balance!

Is there anything else you'd like to add to this list?And on the flip side,什么 应该 you feel guilty about? 作弊 ?说谎?告诉!


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