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Here's What It's REALLY Like to Date on the Campaign Trail

Beautiful couple of black people meeting in the city

The first presidential election I could vote in took place in 2008.I proudly wore a "Barack and Roll" shirt and campaigned for President Obama on campus at the University of Florida.

One night,a guy I met showed interest in volunteering with me,so we exchanged numbers in order to get together to make phone calls for the campaign.长话短说:我们相爱了,Obama won,and...we eventually broke up.But unlike other exes who pop back into my thoughts at random times,this guy has always come to mind during heated moments of politics.In 2012,we texted about Obama's reelection.And during the DNC convention,I sent him an email while watching Obama's speech.真奇怪,sure,but I imagine I'll think of him every four years down the line.And I'm not alone.

Couples who meet on the campaign trail—whether that means on the presidential level or,like me,最基本的志愿者总是约会,sleep together,flirt,and even get married after coming together during such a pressure-cooker and passionate time in their lives.

Jake O'Connell says he ended up sleeping with a colleague he met on a congressional campaign in New England,但它从未超越这一点。

"The thing that drives you together is this shared purpose,you're in the same office for 15 hours a day,你下班后出去和他们讨论竞选活动,so naturally feelings start to develop," he says."Campaigns tend to attract young and single people who believe in the same causes and general values—they're the kinds of people who would date in the real world,but they're thrown together in a political pressure cooker on the trail."

While things can get tricky when you mix dating and politics,it can also work out for the best.Sean Gavin and Maeve Kelly met while working on Kirsten Gillibrand's congressional reelection campaign and were married in 2012.

梅夫坐在肖恩身后的两张桌子上,and they kept their relationship a secret for the first few months.

"We tried to remain extremely professional in the hectic world of campaigning," she says."Even finding new love takes a back burner to the daily grind.It's almost like you don't have time to be distracted!"

彼此的支持使事情变得更容易,though.日积月累,有人关心另一个人睡觉,eating well,and exercising helped with the intensity.

For Drew Proctor and Fiona Cahill,who met while working on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall in 2012,things weren't always that easy.

Fiona did a double take when she first saw Drew,and a friend eventually told her he had a thing for her,which led to their relationship.但他们很快就被送到了州的不同地方。

"I think we both eventually assumed it would end,但事实并非如此,”德鲁说。“然后我们意识到我们真的爱着彼此,并一直保持着。We've been together for four-and-a-half years now."

Their long distance relationship had an extra stressor of hardship with not just long hours but also unpredictability and frequent travel.

"I'm not sure it was hard to find love in a pressure-filled environment,but it is sure is hard to maintain it," Drew says.

Richard Santoswho has worked on various campaigns across the country and is working on a novel that features a campaign love story,says that campaign life lends itself to romantic entanglements.

"I've seen people make some bad decisions because you get stuck in long,exhausting hours and the whole world has shrunk to one candidate and about 30 people," he says."On the other hand,人们在这种关系中找到了很多必要的安慰和安慰,and I think a lot of people understand they're likely to be temporary."


For Jake,though,that temporary factor doesn't always hold true.一旦竞选者进入政治网络,they're regularly attending the same rallies and conventions year after year,因此,人们很可能会再次陷入他们的政治倾向。

"It's sort of like camp,you're sneaking into each other's rooms,但你不只是在夏天结束时说再见,”他说。“竞选执行官不仅仅是你在Twitter或Facebook上看到的人,you see them again in the real world."