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Emma Stone Is Platinum Blond Again!And She Has a Shaggy New Summer Lob

Emma Stone's stint as a brunette has officially ended: The actress was spotted leaving Meche salon in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon with a gleamingplatinum color.After all,nothing says "Bye-bye,brown hair" like going blond—and this is very,very blond.

Stone's new 'do is a relatively quick departure from herbig brunette revealat the2016 Met Galaearlier this month.She had already been brunette for weeks by then,but the red-carpet outing made it official.

Emma Stone leaves Meche salon in Beverly Hills with platinum blonde hair for her new movie role.

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As far as her haircut,it looks like Emma got a refresh on the chic shag she's been sporting since February.If you enjoy celebrity williamhill388beauty sleuthing as much as we do,you may have noticed that the first sign of Emma's shaggy haircut appeared 11 weeks ago when her hairstylist,Mara Roszak,took toInstagramwith a snap of Stone's tousled lob.(PS: One of our editors got theexactcutfrom Mara live on Facebook earlier in May!)

Emma's summery platinum cut follows the trend of other major stars who have opted for a brighter blonde look this season.Kristen Stewartdebuted ano-fuss platinum bob上周在2016年戛纳电影节。Taylor Swift'splatinum hair at Coachellais particularly of note (and we loved thedarker lipsticksshe's been rocking to complement the look).Christina Aguileraalso recently went for asnow-white platinum color and an edgy blunt bob,whileJennifer Lawrenceshowed officy platinum hairat CinemaCon in April.

It's safe to say that platinum isthehair hue to rock this summer.Inspired?We've reached out to Meche for more intel on Emma's cut and color—stay tuned!

UPDATE May 22,2016,10:30 P.M.:We can confirm it was Tracey Cunningham who took Emma's hair from a rich chestnut to the platinum blond hue.The celebrity colorist used the strengthening Olaplex treatment—a strand-sparing favorite of another of her clients,Khloé Kardashian—to ensure that Emma's brunette-to-blond transformation wouldn't cause damage.

"If you want to go blonder this summer like Emma,ask your colorist if she or he is using Olaplex 1 and 2 during the lightening process," Cunningham toldGlamour."Also make sure they have Olaplex 3 for you to have as a take-home treatment to protect your color and hair from blow-drying,curling irons,and the harsh summer sun."

Curiosity piqued?We havemore tipson how to make your dark-to-light hair transformation as healthy as possible—straight from Cunningham herself.Plus,thefive products Emma Stone keeps stocked in her bathroomto help her hair stay healthy and shiny.

Fine hair,do care!Check out this video to see the best haircuts for fine-haired ladies.