Eva Mendes on What Started Changing About Style in Her 30s and Finding Her Signature Look

当谈到名人与时尚的融合时,威廉希尔备用网址有很多方法可以摇一摇鸡尾酒。From a super hands-on approach to a relationship that's more about posing for a camera (reference Kylie Jenner and her stunning new Puma ads ),明星们可以随心所欲地参与进来。Enter Eva Mendes ,一个在产品中占有很大一部分并带有她名字的人的例子。She's worked with 纽约公司收藏 since 2013,is releasing her spring '16 range now,并且在谈话中非常清楚地表明这是一个她非常关心的项目。

“通过社交媒体,你和客户有直接联系,“she said,excitement coming through in her voice.“When I put something out,我亲自问这些女人,'Please,把你的反馈给我。'我是回答和回答的人。I read them,这对我来说非常重要,因为这就是我们如何做出改变,how we improve."“

伊娃穿着德尔玛连衣裙,90美元,, nyandcompany.com

It's those customer voices that have led to some of the collection's most popular styles coming back over and over again (like the Sabrina Maria dresses ,and the 艾玛裙 ).“每次我们把它们带回来的时候,我们都会稍微完善一点,“她解释说。“它不仅是一种新的颜色或印刷品,但我从写信给我的女人那里记下了所有这些关于健康的信息,或者如果有什么东西掉了。我们回到画板上,试着改进它。”“

See?That's a Hollywood actress (and mother and devoted partner to,swoon,Ryan Gosling )谁会真的关心购物者抢购她的款式呢?Check out the rest of our chat here,包括对 90年代流威廉希尔备用网址行 and what she,现在42岁,注意到她30多岁时个人风格的变化。

Glamour: 你现在的生活离不开什么??

伊娃门德斯: I'm waiting for off-the-shoulder.我好久没试过露肩连衣裙了,and I'm excited to re-visit it.We have a dress called the Merida ——一件露肩海军蓝礼服,我实际上有一个大概13年前在墨西哥买的版本。我在拍一部叫做 Once Upon a Time in Mexico ,and I found this dress that I loved.I've kept it this whole time,and we finally just used it as inspiration.有点过火了,但我通常在家里穿。It's a real market dress,差事日礼服如果我想感觉超级浪漫的打扫房子,我可以在那一间。感觉真好,就像我几乎戴着一条大围巾。

Glamour: 你20多岁的时候有没有穿什么让你现在真的害怕的衣服??

EM: Remember the jeans under a dress look?我不会再这样做了,因为很多原因。I've totally given up on fluorescents.I tried for a minute,但它不再对我有用了。这是个有趣的主意,but it needs to be left where it was buried for me.

Glamour: Conversely,你想回来吗??

EM: I'm so excited about 扼流圈又回来了!! 我一直很喜欢他们,that typical '90s strap.I tried to bring it back [with a New York & Co.收藏]大约一年前,and nobody was into it!希望我能很快再和女士们一起尝试,because it didn't really stick.我们创造的那条项链是我在舞会上戴的珍珠项链的灵感。 编者按:在舞会上看一张伊娃的照片 here ]

Glamour: Does your closet have anything you're never,有没有摆脱过??

EM: Some really great,我有很多很久以前的毛衣了。我还有一条牛仔裤短裤,我也不想放弃。They're from 1991,我可能不会把它们磨坏,but I'm not certainly not getting rid of them.我拒绝。

Glamour: 有没有一个风格的建议,你想给年轻的伊娃??

EM: 我本来会告诉自己,如果我穿短的衣服,我需要用宽松的上衣来平衡。I definitely went through a phase with crop tops and short shorts which are cute when you're 16,but I would have advised myself to have more balance.What I did like about myself in my teens is that I didn't really wear makeup or do my hair,so it was all very natural beside the outrageous outfit.I never wore heels back then either.It probably wasn't until my early 20s when I wanted to feel more feminine.I remember going to a Via Spiga store and finding a pair of heels there and was like,“哦,this is fun."“

Eva wearing the Merida dress,100美元,, nyandcompany.com

Glamour: 你看起来真的有一个你所依赖的标志性的外观或形状。这是随着时间的推移而发展起来的,还是你有过一个“A-Ha”的瞬间,有什么东西在点击??

EM: It was over a period of time.I realized by trial and error what I didn't feel comfortable leaving the house in,whether it was to go to work or run an errand.这些年来,I've learned what I feel great in,我试着做一些能反映这一点的衣服,因为我觉得其他女人也在找。

我到了一个不想有身体意识的年龄,一点也不安全。它在我30多岁的时候开始逐渐发生,我不再需要那种关注。我想,“OK,这是一种适合我的风格。”我喜欢腰部合身的衣服,但是如果我上下车的话,我不必担心把衣服拉下。更高的领口,不用说更保守,it's just more comfortable.

Glamour: How has having a baby changed your style??

EM: 这是关于我如何更快地走出家门,或者我如何让这对我自己更容易。这通常是一件连衣裙,因为我不需要考虑如何协调或组合一套服装。我只是一件非常舒适的衣服,我可以穿上,and depending on what hour of the day or where I'm going I can wear a higher heel or no heel.一件我可以依靠的衣服,一分钟内就能穿上,这件衣服使我的压力更大。

That's what I'm hoping the line does now that we have shoes and handbags.我希望它能让女人的生活更轻松一点“干得好。If you don't have time to think about it or you don't 希望 想想看,I've thought about it for you.这很管用。”“

Glamour: If you're going to an adults-only party or dinner,what item are you most excited to reach for??

EM: Earrings.I've learned that earrings and babies aren't a good mix.My daughter loves to pull them,which can be really fun for her,对我来说不算太多。它们已经成为奢侈品,我期待着在某个时刻再次穿上它们。

准备好购物了吗?The spring '16 pieces are online now and will be hitting New York & Company stores tomorrow (shop the full range in special Eva-focused boutiques throughout the country).如果你想亲自采访伊娃,hop on Facebook tomorrow at 1 pm ET—she'll be hosting a chat on 品牌页面 .


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