Now that my hair has started to grow out and descend from it's stylishchobbstatus,I'll admit that I'm at a loss as to what to do with it.It's in that weird phase of limbo where I could let it grow longer or keep it short.That's why I was so glad to get my hands on this stuff....

Enter "HerCut." Believe it or not,someone created a whole line of hair products specifically to boost yourhaircut(not just your hair itself).I've been using this stuff religiously for awhile now which is __kind__of a big deal considering that I'm known to flit throughhair productslike nobody's business.

I'm particularly in love a product called The Shag Catalyst.What's a catalyst you ask?Well,it's this amazing concoction of part serum and part cream,but it's housed in two different parts of the bottle,and you combine them when you pump 'em out.You simply shake it and then pump the product out for styling on eitherwetor dry hair.

It creates controlled separation and helps to keep yourlayerslooking fresh.This stuff works miracles on day-old-hair-cut-hair such as mine,so I'm sure it can do the same for yours as well!

Oh,and I didn't forget about you long-haired beauties either: the line also has products called Long Layers Catalyst,Curly Long Layers Catalyst and The Blunt Catalyst.It's super light and non-greasy so you'll forget that it's even in your hair (which is fab if you're not into using a lot of hair product).

Check 'em all out here:

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