When you overhear someone say they're "on a cleanse," "giving up gluten," and/or "eating clean" this week,Dr.Frank Lipman'sBe Well cleanseis likely the inspiration.Dr.Lipman has helped many well-known clients cleanse their lives from the inside out,and he's one ofthego-to experts on eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr.Lipman believes in nutrition,not counting calories.Brown rice,not whole wheat.Don't even think of mentioning "gluten" around him.He's also a big fan of acupuncture,yoga,and breathing (which,surprisingly,we all fail to do properly most of the time).If you're curious why his devotees (like Donna Karan and Gwyneth Paltrow) gush about him,try his two-week cleanse.By removing grains,dairy,allergens,and inflammation-causing foods from your diet,you'll be eating mostly lean,organic protein,spices,nuts,veggies,fruits,and fish.Not only will you lose weight,but you might lose some allergies,swelling,bloating,and fatigue too.

What to eat:Here's the list of allowed and not allowed foods.

What to drink: Unlimited water and unsweetened tea.Caffeine is a no-no,but if youmusthave it,Dr.Lipman says stick to one cup,use unsweetened almond,rice,hemp,and coconut milk,and don't add any sugar.

What to make:There are tons of free recipes on the site,so no need to scratch your head about how to combine the allowed ingredients.

Tips for cleansing: Stock up on salad.Dr.Lipman loves leafy greens to sweep out your digestive system.Add sprouts: They contain enzymes that help digestion.Try asparagus—it's a natural diuretic that helps fight fluid retention and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Have you tried a cleanse?Thinking of going on one?