So About That Grapefruit Oral Sex Scene in 'Girls Trip'

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Tiffany Haddish plays Dina in 'Girls Trip.'

Google Girls Trip 马上,and you'll see two major—and extremely different—results: First,and most importantly,标题是关于 the film's success at the box office and what that means for more films led by women of color in Hollywood (all good things,hopefully).The second?? The Grapefruit Method ,an oral sex technique demonstrated (hilariously) by Tiffany Haddish—without question the breakout star of Girls Trip .

The Grapefruit Method isn't a new term or something invented by the film–it was actually first popularized back in 2014 by viral tutorial videos from Auntie Angel of Angel's Erotic Solutions .(You can see that here .) But in a scene-stealing moment of the film,Haddish's character,Dina,展示给她的朋友 口交行为 while using a grapefruit and a banana as props.Since then,这个场景引发了很多关于它是否真实的讨论。

The directions,according to Dina,are simple: Cut off the top and bottom of a room-temperature grapefruit,then cut a hole in the middle of it.Place the grapefruit on your partner's member,and then...well,twist.


"葡萄柚是一种爱的行为,"Haddish explained to Entertainment Weekly in an interview."Make it mystical and magical."It certainly had an effect on-set: Jada Pinkett Smith told EW that Haddish started receiving love letters from the crew after filming."那是真的,"Haddish confirmed."有人从贾里德珠宝公司给我买了些东西。All the guys started coming to my comedy shows.""

And Auntie Angel herself thinks the movie got it right,with one exception:"Use a condom,"she told TooFab ."There are chances that citrus can get into his urethra,and he can have a bad experience—and,of course,他们在电影中证明了这一点。”"

Now,look,I am not writing this piece to suggest you try it at home or to praise the sex act itself—there's certainly enough material out there promoting sex for men's pleasure (and his pleasure alone),and this is a sex act that's limiting because it was created with only cisgender,heterosexual partners in mind (the grapefruit,as Dina graphically explains,is meant to feel like he's fucking and getting sucked off at once).

But watching the scene,感觉有点像女人在重新开始一段叙事:这些角色对自己的性生活敞开心扉,having fun with that discussion,and enjoying the power they feel when trying new,与合作伙伴一起创造。Isn't that what we want out of a healthy,sex-positive scene?And on top of that,I think we can all recall at least one time in our lives when men snickered about an Urban Dictionary-discovered sex act,with the intention to shock or gross out the women in the room.In Girls Trip ,we see a situation where the women have owned their sex lives fully: They're knowledgeable and confident,not squeamish about experimenting.Having seen enough gross-out sex scenes in male-driven comedies in my time,it felt refreshing to watch a woman hilariously,authentically prove that women do it,too—in more ways than one.

At the very least,to quote Queen Latifah ,"I gained a whole new respect for Tiffany after that.""

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