The more elaborate manicures I get,the more I'm starting to realize that gorgeousnail artisn't all about intricate designs—sometimes all it takes is a swipe of a glittery brush across one or two tips (otherwise known as accent nails) to make your mani subtlyorstrongly standout.No serious skills required whatsoever;come see a few of my favorite looks,and get inspired!

You could go for the subtle,office-appropriate look:

1) Flesh on flesh.__

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2) Gold on lavender.

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3) Silver on pink.

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Or you could go for a full-on bold contrast:

4) Gold on green.

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5) Teal on teal.

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6) Silver on smoke.

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__See?Easy-peasy,and it looks fantastic on everyone's nails—no matter the shape.And as you can see,it doesn't have to be all-in-your-face if you don't want it to.Which one is your favorite?