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Hailey Baldwin Just Got Another Matching Best-Friend Tattoo

In case you haven't caught on to the coolest new way to your wear your BFF status since friendship bracelets,Hailey Baldwinis here to remind you.We're talking aboutmatching best friend tattoos.She already has one with cousin Ireland (that says Baldwin,aww),and she has matching finger tattoos withKendall Jenner(learn more about the meaning behind themhere).But that's only a small part of her squad,and there are more where those came from.Baldwin just debuted another matching design with friend and fellow modelMari McKinneyon tattoo artist JonBoy's Instagram:

Thetiny tattooreadsgente,written in a script font.While Baldwin hasn't spoken out about the meaning behind it yet,we can deduce a few clues from JonBoy's caption.(1) Hailey ishalf Brazilian,and based on the Brazilian flag emoji,genteis likely a nod to the word "people" in Portuguese.(A gente,meanwhile,translates to "we.") (2) JonBoy hashtagged #HillsongNYC at the end of the caption.[Hillsong] ( is the church Baldwin is affiliated with,and its tagline is "Love God.Love Life.Love People."

In addition to the above,Baldwinalso has a tattooon her wrist,oneon the inside of her middle fingerand onebehind her ear.Peep all of her ink below,and add them to that "One Day" Pinterest board you have hidden—oh,and while you're at it,add these too.


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