Here's a scenario.You're all set to attend a holiday party.No need to bring anything,your presence is present enough.Of course,you plan on bringing flowers for the lovely hostess.But then there's a twist.

You find out someoneelsehas volunteeredyouto bring a dish.Argh.

This is exactly what happened to me yesterday.Chris and I are expected to bring a dessert to the Christmas Eve party we're attending tonight.Surprise!Thankfully we found out before showing up to the shin dig empty handed.We had a few boxes of cake mix in the cupboard so we spent most of last night making cupcakes.We may or may not have eaten a few.

Have you ever been roped into making something last minute for a party?What are you making (and eating!) for the holidays?Is there a dish you're famous for?

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!See you next week!

Got a sweet tooth?Read on for more…

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