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Despite evidence to the contrary,Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he'd be "good" for women if he becomes the president.Yes,despite the fact thathis campaign staff is 75 percent men,or therecent Gallup pollfound that seven out of ten women view the presumptive Republican nominee unfavorably,or even thehighly criticalNew York Timespiecethat led to his own daughterappearing on national televisionto proclaim he's "not a groper," Trump is out there,trucking along,asserting he's a true Mr.Fantastic when it comes to women's issues.

But inan appearance onEllen,Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton shared her thoughts about the businessman-turned-politician's supposedly pro-woman ways,and her views were anything but favorable.When asked if she believes he would,as he claims,be good for women,Clinton replied:

I would need a lot more information based on what I hear him say,because he has been very derogatory toward all kinds of women.He hasspecifically called out women by name,insulted them.He has said thatequal pay isn't a real issue.He doesn't seem to think that we need todo anything to create more jobs and raise incomes.A lot of women arehelping to support their families,or may they're the only support,and he actually says wages are too high in America.I'm sure there issomebody somewhere that he might be good for.But I think,overall,there's just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women'slives are like today.

Clinton went on to say that though she—like many Americans—is shocked that Trump has emerged as the likely nominee,she does not think his bombastic,insulting rhetoric can sustain itself on a national level.In continuing the look toward November,Ellen took the opportunity to make the conversation a little more lightheaded with a game of "Who'd You Rather?: VP edition." Spoiler alert: Clinton would pick Joe Biden over Mark Cuban butScandal's Tony Goldwyn over both Biden and Bernie.