‘I Started a Social-Distancing Matchmaking Experiment’

In the midst of social distancing, I found a spreadsheet with 1,700 phone numbers of singles quarantined across America—I texted 11 gentlemen in four cities for my own爱情是盲目的实验。然后,我开始牵线搭桥。
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Before Chicago was fully besieged with a pandemic, the city had it out for me in the romantic realm—a disastrous dating tear had me deleting all the apps.

Date #1 dumped me because I was too much of a 21st-century woman for him (he preferred to “do the pursuing” rather than “be pursued”); date #2 didn’t even order a drink at the awful dive bar他会picked; and the following day, date #3 unmatched me an hour before our confirmed date and never showed up. To add insult to injury, the very next day, my jaw dropped when I found out another gentleman in my orbit had been lying about his wife’s death—she was, in fact, alive and well. The only death to mourn was that of any remaining optimism for my love life.


正如我落户到另一个出奇安静的晚上在大流行独居,我的朋友发短信丽贝卡一个链接到articleabout "Love Is Quarantine"—a scrappy Instagram-based dating game show run by Brooklynites inspired by爱情是盲目的。相反唆使单打成荚约会后订婚的,“爱是隔离区”的创作者是来自通过虚拟家庭配对希望的浪漫主义日期和它们是从公开编辑谷歌片,其铸造任何人可以把自己的姓名和电话号码上。





All unexpected men now officially competing on my personal episode ofThe Bachelorette得到了相同的介绍文字:“嗨名字 - 这是燕姿,29日,在芝加哥但是从纽约,看到了你的号码和名字的爱是隔离板和想我会扔这个镜头在虚拟社会黑暗疏远专家。,电子表格书呆子,而爱情是盲目的粉丝“。

And in flowed the deluge of responses. Two had unwittingly been put on the list by a sneaky friend and were reasonably spooked. One thought he’d been cast on the real “Love Is Quarantine” (nope, just my bootleg edition). One actually did have a date that night on the real “Love Is Quarantine,” but put my text in his Instagram story. Another’s sister saw that Instagram story, and sent it to her brother, who I’dalso发短信。多么纠结的网络我会突然编织。


One offered to hop on the phone that night after his virtual karaoke session. We spoke for an hour. His voice came out the gate warm, with palpable humor. We smoothly flowed into a vulnerability maybe only strangers can, sharing our deeper insecurities. While I didn’t feel a romantic vibe, I instantly wanted to find him a match somewhere in the city that never sleeps. Wake up, ladies: Jon is on the Upper East Side with a stable career, emotional intelligence, and witty banter!

Later that night I was on my next phone date, with a guy named Mike (yes, I double-booked). When I mentioned growing up Jewish in Westchester, he said, “Wait, I thought everyone on the spreadsheet was Asian.” That was a weird and false assumption. A 10-minute chat followed about race, minority identities, cultural stereotyping and bias. After we hung up, we never spoke again, but there were no hard feelings to be had.

在接下来的几天里,11 10回答(好吧,史蒂夫)。我一共有四个小时花费在手机上用虚拟的欢乐时光,琐事,生日聚会,和我们日常生存危机之间的一些人聊天。一个海洋的眼睛给我发了他的金毛猎犬的照片。一个烤我关于我在卫生保健事业的分析,只有那么鬼。两个多说,他们会打电话和从来没有。我的隐形人小军,我轻轻地揶揄过无尽的安静,慢慢的线条都安静下来了。


周末我和我的朋友丽贝卡debriefing over wine. And we thought, How would we do quarantine dating differently from the Brooklynite masterminds behind "Love Is Quarantine"? We whipped up a quick and sassy Google form to find singles, sent it to some friends, and launched Quarantine Bae, a matchmaking service for single Chicagoans in these strange times.


Now two weeks in, we’ve scheduled more than 80 dates for Chicagoans just like us, and grown our team of “Baemakers.” Our Bae pool represents diverse neighborhoods, backgrounds, careers, gender identities, and the spirit of the Windy City people—we know how to weather a storm in style.

我拍打我的创作和企业家两侧,与我的芝加哥社区爆笑对话,并使按小时成功匹配与我的#1 Quaranqueen和创始人之一。事实证明,在这一切结束后,我发现了一个完全不同的一种爱的毫无希望的地方。

I’m still single—I’m just not as scared anymore about finding my match someday. After all, I’ve now done it for dozens of local strangers—in the middle of a pandemic no less.

Stef Groner is a hyperextrovert sheltering in place in Chicago. She recently started检疫裴,在这些非常时期非凡的千禧婚介服务。你可以滑入她的DM@stefsnapshots