Friends,it's time to pat ourselves on the back: we've endured,by my estimation,a good nine months ofCourtney Stodden's scantily-clad antics.(What did the pumpkins do to deservethis?Now,take heart: everyone's favorite child bride is getting some help.

Sort of.

That is,she's the first guest on the new Funny or Die web series "The Donny Clay Show," in which Jason Alexander plays a life coach.

Even though Donny gets a little distracted by Courtney's mind-boggling boobs,I find him immediately endearing--so much so that I'm willing to give up his sworn nemesis,Dr.Phil.

Watch below (and,if you're need of free life-coach inspiration yourself,follow Donny Clayhere).

Everybody doing okay after watching and hearing Courtney in motion?Who else needs some life coaching from Donny Clay?

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Photo: Funny or Die