Ivanka Trump Secretly Met With Planned Parenthood So Why Doesn't She Want Women to Know

Ivanka Trump has repeatedly pitched herself as a champion of women's issues,an ally who is dedicated to securing equal pay,保证产假,而且,一般来说,赋予妇女充分的潜能。她对这些问题充满热情,她说,现在,作为总统助理she supposedly has her father's ear to influence his policy decisions.


例子:Politico's recent report第一个女儿安排了一次与美国计划生育联合会主席秘密会面Cecile Richards.目的是看看他们是否能在堕胎问题上达成某种相互理解(这只是卫生保健组织提供的众多服务之一)。因为伊万卡是一位坚决支持生命的总统的女儿,这消息引起了意外。更令人困惑的是:伊万卡本人从未公开谈论过这个组织,be it to commend or criticize them.

计划生育确认魅力伊万卡在就职典礼后不久与理查兹举行了一次“亲切而信息丰富的会议”,讨论医疗保健提供者在数百万美国妇女福祉中所扮演的角色。Among the topics of discussion: how,exactly,该组织从联邦政府获得资金。尽管是共和党人,就像伊万卡的父亲,已经要求取消计划生育,the term "defund" is not wholly accurate.计划生育没有预算拨款;它的资金来源于医疗补助的偿还,这与医生从私人医疗保健提供者那里获得资金的方式相同。但自从伊万卡一再声称她是亲女性,of course,the organization agreed to sit down with the woman who's been called the President's eyes and ears.

"Planned Parenthood welcomes the opportunity to meet with anyone to talk about the important role Planned Parenthood plays in providing health care to millions of people and ensure they have the facts," the organization said in a statement.“白宫的高级职员,包括伊万卡·特朗普,在制定政府政策和与国会谈判中发挥重要作用,which has a profound impact on women's health and lives."


理查兹在4月5日的座谈会上说:“他们以一种比我想象中更为严厉的方式攻击我们,攻击妇女。”"Anyone who works in this White House is responsible for addressing why women are in the crosshairs of basically every single policy we've seen in this administration."

Ivanka's decision to never speak publicly about women's health and her stance on Planned Parenthood seems like a deliberately measured omission.She and her husband,Jared Kushner在他们成为华盛顿特区之前,在纽约市的社交圈里享有相当自由的名声。insiders.And for all of her talk about "wanting to make a positive impact," an obvious way to do so is by supporting one of the foremost public health providers in the United States.甚至她父亲也有过glowing words to sayabout Planned Parenthood's preventive services when he isn't calling it an "abortion factory" and threatening to defund it.Though《纽约时报》报道伊万卡告诉她父亲在竞选期间要“小心”计划生育,她仍然不愿意分享自己的想法,也没有被注意到。


“你不能两全其美,”Dawn Laguens说,executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America,told Politico.“你不能说,'I'm all for economic empowerment,' and ignore that 30 percent of wage gains are directly attributable to access to birth control.You don't get to say,'Women should have great child care' when maternity benefits are on the chopping block."

即使在她的沉默中,很可能是伊万卡以前在她父亲耳边he attempted to strike a dealwith Planned Parenthood last month while the GOP debated its health care bill: If the organization stopped offering abortions,they could keep their federal funding.(Of course,没有联邦资金用于堕胎服务,多亏了海德修正案计划生育,however,拒绝。

尽管伊万卡可能会与塞西尔·理查兹或与商业领袖会面讨论如何提高女性在工作场所的地位或introducing a child care planthat primarily benefits wealthy families as ways for her to advance her pro-woman agenda,一切都只是口头上的。Her advocacy efforts do little to help the women in this country who could most benefit from having access to affordable health care and birth control,带薪产假,and a clearer path for career success.相反,他们只是大特朗普女儿保持个人品牌的方法。

想想她2009年畅销书的副标题,王牌。正如书中所说,伊万卡在“努力在工作和生活中取胜”,她是一个平静的存在,她的易变的父亲,helped normalize him,并在白宫占据了重要地位。她知道,她在纽约的朋友们的政治泡沫不会影响她父亲的基础,所以当他回顾上一届政府的进展时,她保持沉默。However,她也知道华盛顿之后还有一种生活,她有一个品牌需要维护。即使她父亲不听从她的建议,她还是想说清楚,even subtly,that是妇女和家庭的拥护者。But the time for subtly is over.

自1月份就职以来,她父亲一直在努力roll back health care工作场所保护,和计划生育服务他没有任何减速的迹象。If Ivanka is really an advocate for women's rights,it's time she says so—and not just in private.It's also time for her to look beyond her own worldview and consider the needs of全部的women,regardless of race,种族,性别认同,sexual orientation,or economic background.否则,her words are hollow—and they will have absolutely no impact on her father's presidency or the livelihood of American women.