珍妮弗·洛佩兹一直以来都是我们的美容目标williamhill388。C'mon,她的第一个,也可以说是最伟大的香水被称为辉光JLO。除了跳舞,singing,and acting,the woman is the epitome of glow,她做得非常好。Although it's probably just great genes,her化妆师玛丽·菲利普斯在帮助洛佩兹获得标志性外观方面发挥了重要作用。Phillips,她还把克里斯西·泰根和格温·斯特凡尼算作她的客户,是一种被认为是美的世界的力量。williamhill388So who better to give us an insider's list of the best bronzers than her?我们请她分享她的五大选择。


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One of the biggest古铜色错误is not taking your own skin tone into consideration when choosing a shade.没有一个尺寸适合所有颜色的古铜色的东西,因为你的应该是两个比你的肤色更深的阴影。"The key is making it believable like it was meant just for you and completely custom," Phillips explains.Guerlain's is her be-all-end-all because it comes in 10 different shades,which is unheard of when it comes to bronzer.菲利普斯说:“颜色范围太疯狂了。”“对于那些喜欢一个真正自然的表面和发光的人,这是给你的。”而且,以防你需要更多的说服力:这是一个2008 Best of williamhill388Beauty Award winner.

Pro tip:在你把古铜色擦到脸上之前,you need to buff yourbrush首先输入实际公式。菲利普斯说:“我用一把中到小的腮红刷直接刷到产品上。”“那么,dust off any excess before applying it to your face." With this formula,你可以选择“三法”,如果你不熟悉,it's when you brush bronzer from your temples,到你的颧骨,然后沿着你的下巴线,创建数字3的形状。


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虽然这个价格标签足以让你退缩,Phillips swears it's worth the money—as long as the color works for your skin tone.“颜色不一定是通用的,but if it does work for you,then this could be the end of your search," she explains.“混合得很好,gives a great glow,而且不会坐在皮肤上或看起来有颗粒。至少我们知道,如果我们从远亲那里继承了大笔财产,我们会把钱花在什么上面。

Pro tip:一点点这种古铜色有很长的路要走。If you apply too much,你得冒着把价值20美元的钱收起来的风险。技巧就在你的毛笔下。Phillips suggests using a very soft,长鬃毛蓬松的腮红刷(A.K.A.喀布尔灌木的对面)。我们爱Kevyn Aucoin Blush & Powder Brush.

"The denser the brush,the stronger the color will come out," she explains.“那只会让你看起来很脏而不是古铜色。”没人有时间这么做。

The Best Shimmery Bronzer:乔治·阿玛尼太阳面料纯古铜色($56)

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如果你认为一款带有微光的古铜色化妆品是不可取的,那你并不孤单。有了这样的公式,它有超精细的斑点捕捉和漫射光-一个轻微的火花可以给予一个可信的(和难以置信的优雅)辉光。"This bronzer has a little bit of shimmer,但这不是过度,”菲利普斯说。There's no orange in this whatsoever,意味着你永远不会像这样在外面游荡,well,Donald Trump“加上,it's so sheer that it won't look muddy on your skin if you're naturally pale.


Pro tip:这个公式几乎是半透明的,也就是说你可以裸着脸戴。"If you put on primer,基金会,or moisturizer,只是要确保你的脸完全干燥,”菲利普斯警告说。"It'll pick up the slightest variation of moisture and look patchy." She recommends using a basic blush brush for this,因为它对提取产品最有效。

The Best Subtle Bronzer:Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ in 106 Medium Pink or 208 Medium Yellow(60美元)

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Some might call this a foundation or a CC cream...because it is.这就是为什么菲利普斯,who uses it both as a foundation and a bronzer,是扇子。“对于那些不想要任何闪光的人来说,这是理想的选择,闪闪发光,彩虹色,or any of that,她解释说:“这在烫金的世界里很难找到方向。”它发出一种非常微妙的光芒,所以,如果你只想增强皮肤的自然棕褐色,就把这当作你的最佳选择。说,the middle of July.Just make sure you extend your bronzer down."Blend it under your chin and on your neck to marry the color from your face and neck,所以你的照片里没有一个浮着的棕褐色的脑袋,”菲利普斯补充道。这是一件很难过滤的事情。

Pro tip:都欢呼缓冲压实,which is foolproof to use.Phillips uses her fingers to tap the liquid onto skin and blend it in.她解释说:“在处理液体的时候,产生热量是很重要的。”“皮肤与皮肤的接触对这一点至关重要。”这一技巧使得配方更容易混合成最天然的青铜。另一个关键:如果你认为你已经完成了混合,go on and blend just a little more.

最好的不化妆古铜色:Perricone MD无古铜色,SPF 30($35)

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“对于那些真正喜欢“勉强”化妆的人,或者对自己脸上有什么感觉很敏感的人,then this bronzer is ideal," says Phillips.The formula blends seamlessly into skin,and she swears that the SPF in it gives it a sexy,反光光泽。It also lends skin an overall warmth.You'll look less like you've been working on your bronzer game and more like you just got back from a trip to Tahiti.

Pro tip:你只需要在整个脸上滴两滴这种古铜色。再多的都是杀戮过度。“在手背上滴一两滴,然后用指尖点在脸上,and blend it out with awilliamhill388Beautyblender Original makeup sponge," says Phillips.Then,她喜欢分层highlighter超过它。

-The RMS Palettes Are Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen From the Brand