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This Newscaster Didn't Wear Makeup for a Week and Couldn't Believe the Response

This Newscaster Didn't Wear Makeup for a Week and Couldn't Believe the Response
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卡马迪·陆克文凌晨2:30醒来。every morning.She makes her way to the local news station where she works in Grand Rapids,Michigan,and begins her newscaster makeup routine: foundation,eyeshadow,眼线笔,假睫毛,眉毛化妆,轮廓粉,blush,and lipstick.Rudd,31,says that makeup isn't so much a choice as a requirement of her broadcasting job,where female newscasters still面临压力to look 'polished' in all circumstances.这个想法过时了,但却坚持不懈。

但陆克文最近遇到了a study关于女性的外表如何影响她们的感知能力,并提出了一个计划。For one week,她会选择不去为电视做头发和化妆。She expected the negative comments to come rolling in,but by the experiment's end,Rudd says that her expectations were blown away.

"The first day I was a little nervous," she tellsGlamour."I even mentioned it to the comedians I was interviewing.They acted like they didn't notice and it wasn't brought up again." Her viewers also didn't care;in fact,many of them loved it."I expected to get some nice insults,如果这有道理的话,”她说。"The ones like,“我们爱你的能量,但你看起来真的很累。“我错得太多了。A woman messaged me on Facebook—she noticed I'd been wearing no makeup for a few days and complimented it."

Because of the experiment,Rudd says she feels more confident in society's views on women."Either people say they didn't notice,or say they noticed but were able to acknowledge ‘Huh,她没有化妆,继续说。"I think that says something really good about people."

Throughout her career,Rudd says,her appearance has been a constant negotiation between herself,新闻总监,and agents.这是惯例。In broadcasting,your work often still comes second to how you look."The work from your r´esumé reel will only be looked at if you make it through the first round,which is,do they like what you look like?" Rudd says."I'm proud of the work that I've done thus far in my career.Nevertheless,I've still heard from potential bosses and agents that it doesn't matter,perception is everything.这与我的工作质量无关。”

The experience is universal for women in broadcast journalism.在Glamour's March 2018 issue,MSNBC主播和NBC新闻记者凯蒂·图尔讨论了女性新闻播音员在出现时的指示。"For one of my first TV jobs,I was required to cut my hair,dress a certain way,还要化妆。”她写道."I realized that until I complied,我没空。”

Rudd says that in her experience,这是一个混合的袋子。Her current job is the first one in which a news director hasn't asked her to change her hair and makeup,so there has been progress.Still,陆克文说还有工作要做:“我永远不会忘记我从一个浏览者那里收到的一封邮件——我保存了它,并在一段时间内查看一次,以获得激励。”It says something along the lines of,你不应该被允许谈论体育。You don't know anything and judging by that dress you're wearing I can tell how you got this job.'"

Even now,she says if she were to move on,她需要一张完整的锚脸才能被雇用。"If I interviewed somewhere else with little to no makeup,I don't think there's any way I'd get the job," she says."I was told once,as a woman,never wear a dress to an interview,because you'll never know how they'll take it."


But she remains hopeful that expectations surrounding women in broadcasting are changing."I hope women,and especially young girls,can look at this and know that they don't have to be ‘on' all the time," she says,adding that she hopes her experiment will help break down some of that pressure."I really wanted to prove to myself that I could cover a story with as much focus on the actual story as normal,不用担心我的外表。That is what local news is about.I want to make sure I'm giving people my best effort in the morning,no matter what.It's all about proving the work we do,我们采取的行动,are more important than what we look like.我只想化妆,or no makeup.Whatever you want to wear is,and should always be,totally up to you."

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