Whoa: Kate Hudson Shaved Her Head

PHOTO: Dan MacMedan

UPDATE: And with a #TBT,this major hair move was signed,sealed,and delivered as real. Kate Hudson just posted a throwback photo captioned,"#tbt To that time when I had hair and a carb loading attack whilst leaving France....#CouldntLeaveFranceWithoutThem 🍞😜."Meaning,she no longer has hair.What a time to be alive.

This post was originally published on July 26,2017:

Cara Delevingne has had short hair for all of three months,and she's already crushed every assumption that hairstyles with a buzz are boring.One day Delevingne is 满银漆 ,the next topped with a chrome toupee ,the next gone Disney punk princess with a black headband—she's having fun with it,and it's enough to make anyone intrigued.And now there's potentially a new buzz in town: Kate Hudson was just spotted with a shaved head on the set of her new movie.Let's take a second to pick our collective jaws off the floor.

Admittedly,this could be some visual trickery.It looks like Hudson's hair is an ashy brown in the photo,an unusual development for our lady of long,金色的锁,but the buzz is crazy similar to the V for Vendetta cut Natalie Portman got back in the day,so maybe Hudson followed suit and went for the real deal.An on-set Instagram from Sia,who's also starring,confirms that at the very least it looks bomb.

PHOTO: Backgrid

The last time Hudson made a major hair change was to a shoulder-skimming cut back in 2015,also on set for a movie.Aside from that,her biggest shift has been embracing brown roots in 2013.One more point in the"buzz as real deal"camp—her natural color is uncannily close to the one in the picture.

Until more photos surface,the jury's firmly out.That said,Hudson would be joining a growing crowd of buzzed and pixied babes in Hollywood: Between Delevingne,, Kristen Stewart ,, Keke Palmer ,, Gigi Hadid ,and Katy Perry ,the close crop is maybe,kind of,looking like the new lob.And those famous face don't lie,it looks good.Besides,commitment is less of a thing now that wigs are so widely embraced—and Hudson is no stranger to clip-ins .

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