I Tried Kendall Jenner's Smoky Eye Trick and Got So Many Compliments

忏悔:每当我做一个 smoky eye ,我最后总是用 相同的 products and the 相同的 technique.(Neutral-toned powder shadows;从内到外逐渐加强。)作为一名美容编辑,可以接触到化妆师和名人化妆师的抽屉,williamhill388这是一个小型犯罪!但是,嘿,if it ain't broke don't fix it,正确的?I know I'm not alone in this.

但最近我从 Kendall Jenner 's makeup artist,Victor Henao,that shook me right out of my makeup rut—which he's now demonstrating in the model's latest makeup tutorial for Sephora ,(that's a sneak peek of it above).他的天才烟熏眼技术,使肯德尔的眼睛弹出?他把奶油影子和粉末混合在一起,but in a way you wouldn't normally think to layer it.作为一个通常自己用粉剂或奶油阴影的人,I was curious (and excited) to see how this would translate.Here's my go!!

Prep: After applying my base makeup ( Nars Sheer Glow Foundation ,, Glossier Stretch Concealer ,and Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil ),it was eye time.While Kendall picked the cobalt "野生宇宙金属矿 (a crème/powder shadow combo she helped create for her partnership with Estée Edit,Estée Lauder's cool new sister line),I opted for the deep plum"Cyberella"shade,which I figured would best bring out my green eyes.更不用说,会很有趣的,more colorful departure from my usual go-to neutrals.

步骤1: Onto the first step,the crème shadow.Using a small,平刷(更精确)I lightly applied the crème formula onto only the inner and outer corners of my eyes—not the center—taking it up all the way to my crease.色素变强了,so I made sure to build it with a delicate touch.The most important part of this step was keeping the center of my lids product-free."这是我用简单易行的方式给出维度的诀窍,"维克托告诉我的。"By applying the cream first,it gives your eyes more depth in those areas while keeping the center highlighted with a metallic powder on top.""

Step 2: Time to add on the loose powder.Using a small,fluffy brush (better for blending),I dabbed the pearly maroon pigment onto the center of my lids,与奶油边缘稍微混合。The benefit of mixing a cream and a shadow together?"将这两种配方混合在一起是长期磨损的最佳选择。It's the easiest way to ensure your eyeshadow will last throughout the day and into the night,"Victor says."在粉末下涂抹乳霜配方可以使涂抹更容易,乳霜中的润肤剂有助于混合。它还使粉末更容易粘附,并提供最佳的颜色回报。”I'll take a simple step for a longer lasting color any day.我能明白他的意思。My eyes were already looking more bold,and putting it on was way easier than blending four different colors together.

Step 3: 接下来,to really start to intensify the look,我和一个 black kohl pencil .当我做烟熏眼的时候,我通常会在上面画一条水线(使我的上睫毛在底部显得更丰满和更黑)。but instead I made like Kendall and lined my lower waterline.它看起来不像 那个 much of a difference but you could tell it created greater contrast against the whites of my eyes,which really made them pop.

步骤4: To take this look to its sultriest,smokiest version,是时候增加深度了。Going back in to the corners where I initially applied the cream shadow,I dabbed on a near-black powder shadow,把它和一个小的混合在一起,fluffy brush.This intensified the color in the inner and outer corners,making the center of my lids with the pearly loose powder look even more highlighted.For a clean finish,我画了一个精确的,thin line along the base of my upper lashes in dark black liquid liner .

And there's the look!A no-joke metallic smoky eye that does not disappoint in color or intensity.

MY VERDICT: This technique/trick/whatever you call it works like a charm.I'll definitely be mixing cream and powder shadows in the future.I ended up wearing this look to dinner after applying it,and at the end of the night it was just as pigmented as when I started.No easy feat!更不用说,it didn't look smudgy or messy at hour five,either.下一次我会做不同的事情吗?I'll take Victor's advice,and apply black eyeliner first 创建的结构看。"I find that using straight black or brown liner from the beginning as a shadow base underneath eye shadow really adds longevity to a smoky eye,"he told me.Noted.

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