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Kim Kardashian West Pays This 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion Insider $700,000+ a Year for Style Advice

Kim Kardashian Pays Australian 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion Editor Christine Centenera to Style Her
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Kim Kardashian West's much-lauded style isn'tall thanks to Kanye West's influence.Australian 威廉希尔备用网址fashion editor Christine Centenera is another trusted advisor,with new reports suggesting that being on-call to offer up outfit advice doesn't come free:An Aussie papersays she's getting up to US$720,000 in compensation.

"I like when someone is really put together but looks effortless.She really just knows every accessory to tie an outfit together,"Kim has saidabout the magazine editor.She "puts different things together that you wouldn't think of,but they just look so good on her."

The outfit tips that Kim's paying big bucks for are free so long as you study both women's style.And while we can't all weara diamond chainmail gownlike KKW,wecancop most of her looks.Herewith,some of the biggest style lessons Christine's imparted on the reality star.

1.A black choker is a goes-with-everything accessory (and a corset can be daywear).

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2.Covering up with long layers is just as sexy as flashing skin.

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3.Strong shoulders turn a blazer into a statement piece.

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4.Slouchy boots work with everything.

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5.A monochrome outfit always looks amazing.

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Like most things regarding style,Kanye is responsible for introducing the editor to his wife.He reportedly first started working with Christinein 2011,and the professional relationship is still going on,with Christine stylingthe rapper's blowout Madison Square Gardenshow this February.

PS: To put Christine's paycheck into perspective,consider the fact thathigh-level stylists typically earn $100,000 to $130,000 a yearwitha daily working ratethat caps out around $1,500.

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