Klittra: This New Term for Female Masturbation Is Officially a Thing

Earlier this year,the Swedish Association for Sexuality Equality (RFSU) voted"Klittra"" into its lexicon to describe female masturbation."Women are not expected to have desires and be turned on in the same way as men,which is reflected in the lack of words,"RFSU said in a statement—which is why they created a new word.And apparently,it's really taken off: On Monday,the Swedish Language Council included* klittra* on its official 2015 new word list .这是正确的是正式的事情。

In English as well,there are plenty of terms that primarily or exclusively describe male masturbation—jerking off,spanking the monkey,wanking (there are dozens more,and you've probably heard them all)—but few for the female equivalent,reflecting a double-standard in the way we talk about sexual pleasure and masturbation .But it looks like this year,those standards have started to shift.

Several celebrities,including Nicki Minaj and Amy Schumer ,have spoken out in 2015 about the importance of women obtaining equal sexual pleasure.Billboard called the video for"" Feeling Myself ,"where Minaj and Beyonc� straight up sing about masturbation,one of the top videos of 2015 .

There's even now a website that provides tutorials on getting women off,along with virtual opportunities to practice,and a Tumblr where women write about what makes them orgasm.

And for those who like to incorporate technology into their self-love sessions,2015 has also been a huge year for the sex toy industry,heralding inventions like the DIY vibrator ,the bendable vibrator ,and several toys and apps that let long-distance couples interact with miles between them.

So there you have it—2015 may go down in history as the year of female masturbation.And we are totally on board with that.

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