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Kylie Jenner's Photo of Stormi Is the Most Liked Instagram Photo of all Time

Not surprised,tbh.

Kylie Jenner's Photo of Stormi Is the Most Liked Instagram Photo of all Time
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Kylie Jennermay not have been looking for a big payout or any kind of a "gotcha" moment when she confirmed the birth of herdaughteron Instagram,but she did wind up hitting a pretty major milestone with her subsequent heartfelt announcements.

On Wednesday,the 20-year-old reportedly beat the record for "Most Liked Instagram Photo of All Time," earning she and baby Stormi a top spot in Internet history.

With over 13.7 million likes (and counting) on the photo of Stormi's hand holding her finger,Kylie beat out the past record holder by more than 2 million votes in less than 24 hours,Instagram confirms.Considering the new mom kept her pregnancy entirely out of the public eye,it's not surprising that fans were excited to express their joy when she revealed the first photo of her newborn and her name on social media.Instagram apparentlylovesbaby announcements.The photo thatpreviously held the recordwas Beyoncé's iconic announcement that she was pregnant with twins,followed by Christiano Renaldo's announcement that his fourth child had been born.

As is the fate of all iconic photos,Stormi's social media debut has already beenheavily meme-ified,with some clever artists using the baby's arm as a swatch palette,while others cracked jokes that the next generation of Kardashians was named after a weather announcement.

Kylie'sannouncementof Stormi's birth almost managed to break the Internet,currently sitting at a pretty 10.3 million likes.And aclipof her 11-minute "To Our Daughter" video has nearly 62,000 views on Instagram.Six days on earth,and Stormi Webster is already the most liked baby on the Internet.