Want to make the most of your closet this chilly winter?Take a few cues fromBCBG's fall 2013 show,where layering was a prerequisite for every look that came down the runway.And we're not talking the standard cardigan-over-a-tank here,ladies.Check out a few untraditional combos and snag 'em for your own use this season:

There are a lot of pieces to this look--an oversize tunic sweater,a vest,a skirt,andpants--but none of them are bulky,so the effect is still streamlined.If you want to throw more than one color into the mix,keep the prints to a minimum.

Here's a genius way to get more mileage from your late summer/early fall printed dresses--throw a sweater on top (it'll just look like a skirt!) and layer a furry vest over that.With leather pants underneath,you'll hardly notice the chill (but everyone will notice your outfit!).


Speaking of getting more mileage from your off-season pieces,this is one of our favorite tricks of all time for accomplishing that--put a white blouse underneath!It works with sleeveless dresses,slinky tanks,and,as seen here,strapless tops.Chic!

What do you gals think of these unexpected layering tricks?Do you like to pile on the pieces when it's cold out?What's your favorite way to do it?Share!

Photos: Yanni Vlamos/In Digital/Go Runway