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MAC Cosmetics Is Giving Away Free Lipstick,and There's No Catch

Get 'em while they're hot (and free).

MAC Cosmetics Is Giving Away Free Lipstick and There's No Catch

Looking for news on MAC's free lipstick giveaway for 2018?Get all the details here.

In a world where it seems like there's always a catch,whether it's a free dessert for checking in at a restaurant or getting a chance to win big if you retweet,it's easy to be cynical.Add in the entire concept ofNational Days for Things,and that cynicism rackets up about 30 notches (literally everything has a day now,where does it end?!).But here's some good news:MAC Cosmeticsis giving away freelipstickforNational Lipstick Day,and there's absolutely zero strings attached.National days did something good,for maybe the first time ever.

We checked long and hard for strings,catches,and fine print on this one,but the only thing you have to do is get yourself to a MAC store or retailer on July 29 (this Saturday) to snag a free,full-sized,normally $17 lipstick while supplies last (stock and selection varies by location).The brand says to get there early,which,yup,makes sense.The lines are no doubt going to beinsane—the phrase "free for all" just got real.The only limits are it's exclusive to U.S.stores and MAC counters.And we double-checked on this one: No worries if you don't livenear a boutique,everywhere MAC's sold is participating in the promo.Sohello,Ulta!

The day is the latest phase in MAC's #MACLipsLipsLips campaign—last month,the brand ran a 10-day promo where you got a free,full-sized lipstick with the purchase of any two lip products.That one was a little more limited (you could only choose from a selection of shades,but like,beggars/choosers),and with hundreds of colors to choose from,it all might be a little overwhelming.But if you get to the front of the line and your mind goes blank,Ruby WooandWhirl have never done anyone wrong.

The brand hasn't announced whether it's doing anything more with the campaign,but maybe next MAC delivers lipsticks to our homes via drone?Pulls an Emma Watsonand hides free lipstick on public transportation?It could be the best thing to happen in 2017.

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