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Marina's Cleanse Diary: Organic Avenue LoveDeep Cleanse

作为《魅力》健康报道的编辑,当我编辑我们四月的健康争议故事时,我对清洁和许多支持和反对它们的论据非常熟悉,“你应该清洗一下吗?”在里面,我们请三位健康专家讨论果汁清洁和排毒饮食的优点(或不足)。Because so many of my friends and coworkers—and Glamour's readers—had been chattering about cleanses lately,and so many celebs have been spotted drinking juices from popular cleanse programs (if not flat-out endorsing them),我觉得我们需要从问题的各个方面来审视这一趋势,得到事实,and let readers decide for yourselves whether a cleanse is right for you.

作为一个带头的编辑Glamour's health coverage,当我编辑我们的April Health Controversy story,"Should You Do A Cleanse?"In it,我们请三位健康专家讨论果汁清洁和排毒饮食的优点(或不足)。Because so many of my friends and coworkers—andGlamour读者最近一直在谈论清洁,and so many celebs have been spotted drinking juices from popular cleanse programs (if not flat-out endorsing them),我觉得我们需要从问题的各个方面来审视这一趋势,得到事实,and let readers decide for yourselves whether a cleanse is right for you.

虽然我认为我们的专家对清洁的看法非常迷人,我也很好奇一些员工,all with different health goals and habits,在尝试不同类型的清洁剂的同时也会失败。So I asked a few good sports to brave the waters (juices?) and report back.谢谢劳伦,Mikki凯特琳和莱克西!为了公平(以及纯粹的好奇心)的利益,I decided to try one out myself.实验是成功的,我的意思是我喜欢我们所有的经历和结果都是如此不同。

Here's mine.

My Cleanse:

我倾向于成为一个完全或完全没有的类型,所以从来没有做过果汁净化(or any other kind of fast) before,很自然,我在5天内就决定了,全汁LoveDeep清洁有机大道.No solid food,people—this was hardcore.有机大道,the purveyor of raw,素食和有机清洁计划,果汁、食物和最喜欢的名人(嗨格温妮丝)带着橙色袋子的纽约人(说真的,Oa的包和果汁在这些地方随处可见),和我说话是因为可爱,chubby glass bottles,which are now being phased out in favor of taller,skinnier bottles (sigh),还有美味的果汁。And OK,the fact that an OA store is right around the corner from my apartment didn't hurt.每天早上去上班前,我没有理由不去喝我每天喝的果汁。

Going into it:

Despite the cons out there (如中所述Glamour story,some experts feel cleanses are unnecessary to say the least,that our bodies were made to chew and digest food—which I completely agree with),我仍然有强烈的欲望尝试全果汁清洁剂。为什么?好,老实说,最近我的饮食没有什么好炫耀的。I'm usually a pretty healthy eater (I actually like salads,但我也不会剥夺自己偶尔吃牛排或奶酪的机会),但在过去的几个月里,I'd hit a rough patch.Sometimes I'd be too busy at work to eat a proper lunch and then,ravenous and stressed,I'd attack the vending machine for a salty snack or three that would leave my fingers covered in a shameful layer of highly processed,cheese-flavored orange powder.晚餐时,我也喝了不少酒,吃了蔬菜就懒散了,我的锻炼计划充其量也只是零星的。一些专家将清洁剂与“重置按钮”相比较,这种“重置按钮”的声音听起来非常吸引人。I wanted to push that button!我想重设我的习惯!I had tried a couple times and hadn't been able to fully do it on my own,so I hoped that the regimented nature of a 5-day cleanse would be just the thing I needed.为了记录,清洁剂不便宜,which is why a lot of people buy a juicer and do their own juicing in their kitchen.不算送货费,有机大道的清洁服务从350美元到410美元不等,只需5天的清洁服务(包括可退还的瓶押金,您可以在结束时返还玻璃瓶,每次只需几美元)。但它们较短的清洁时间,就像三天的节目一样,成本大大降低。


当然,我很紧张,因为我饿了,脾气暴躁,或者不能坚持喝水,一直以来(事实上我并不害怕咖啡因戒断头疼的事情,因为我不是一个喝咖啡的大块头,所以第一次使用清洁剂时会用到这些东西)。but I bit the bullet and ordered my cleanse.这是怎么回事…

Day 1:每天洗面的前一天晚上,you get an email from Organic Avenue with some new agey quotes,提眉健康声明(谁知道姜是春药?)以及清洁说明。I'd tried to be good by eliminating red meat and most dairy from my diet the few days before,但我不想走了素食主义者什么都行。That morning,I picked up my juices,太重了,我坐出租车上班,而不是像往常一样坐地铁上班,chugging the first "shot" of the day (which is followed by 6 16-oz juices) in the cab.镜头,liquid Chlorophyll,was by far the worst thing I tasted during the whole cleanse.还记得当你还是个孩子的时候,你试着咀嚼一片花瓣看花是否可以吃吗?有点像那样。我喝了一口水(原来叶绿素使你的嘴变绿了),吃了一口甜食,refreshing coconut water (so delicious I can't stop buying them long after my cleanse has ended).然后是葡萄柚汁,我平时喜欢吃的东西,但不要吃太多糖和酸味。感觉像是一次款待,喝了之后我没有烧心,但我只能完成一半。之后是姜汁柠檬水(酸辣可口)。蔬菜味(甜,新鲜甜菜和蔬菜汁);绿色的爱(就像一个沙拉,柠檬汁汁的形式),然后在一天结束时美味的椰子“mylk”(超级奶油,not too coconut-y tasting concoction).我一整天都不觉得饿——一个惊喜。And I had a lot of energy,我把它引入了一个非常需要的客厅瑜伽课程,as well as many more pee breaks than normal (was I that dehydrated before?Yes.) But after adding up all of the sugar in the juices I'd had (a whopping 97 grams!) I was surprised I hadn't been bouncing off the walls.从有机大道回来的一封邮件向我保证这些都是自然的,健康糖,而且计划很周密,but my problem is that I subsist on too much sugar already (and I'm a pretty short/small person),所以对我的系统来说感觉太多了。我决定在接下来的一周里,我会用另一种蔬菜换一种甜果汁(它们的热量大致相同,少放点糖)。如果你从商店接电话,他们会让你这么做的,这是一个很好的奖励。

第2天:我把从喉咙后面射出的叶绿素扔了下去,所以我尽量少尝。然后我开始品尝椰子水,接着是一种绿色的果汁,那天早上我在店里喝了一杯梨汁。我仍然不饿(奇迹般的奇迹——我通常都很饿),但我发现自己不得不忍住这样的冲动:当早上有压力的时候,我会不假思索地把手伸进我的零食抽屉,把一把M&M扔到嘴里。Guess what?我是个压力大的人,还有一个无聊的食客!And this cleanse is making me face both facts head-on.幸好我记得清空了我的零食抽屉,那天下午的胡萝卜汁真是太美味了。我期待着我的奶昔像腰果麻一样的夜晚,which I sip contentedly after doing another yoga DVD (my body is actually craving the stretch sessions—go figure),看着我男朋友披着美味的披萨切片和沙拉。对,he offered me some.不,我没有咬人。我一点也不嫉妒也不暴躁。


第3天和第4天:我醒来时精力比平时多,我意识到这可能是因为我脱水了,甚至在给自己灌满营养之前有点营养不良。那台自动售货机对我没用,但我赖以生存的富含维生素的水果和蔬菜汁却被送上了天堂。另一个好处是,我发现不去想什么吃的话,其实是很自由的。我的工作效率很高,每个人都会问我的头脑是否浑浊,但实际上它更敏锐。我感觉更轻,肚子也更平。I do a slightly more strenuous workout one night and another yoga one the next.这些能量来自哪里?我几乎没有力气,更不用说开车了,to work out after I get home from work.我的睡眠也比我长时间睡得好,and I keep getting compliments on my skin.And I still don't feel hungry.我真的很怀念我每晚的一杯酒,但是我感觉很好,没有这样做就没有那么痛苦了。

第5天:我今天不会说谎,一些饥饿感使我决定去看看我的肚子。我不想吃自动售货机的菜肴,but the smell of pasta with tomato and basil (some lucky person's lunch) has my head spinning with envy.I miss chewing,吃热的食物!,但我知道今天是我洁净的最后一天,这是苦乐参半的。我已经习惯了榨汁的程序和简单。我会回到以前的坏习惯吗?I hope not.I'm longing for raw veggies and hummus,不是薯条——我认为这是个好兆头。

After the cleanse:第六天,我在OA商店停下来,买了一杯椰子水和一杯香醇的爱情(一杯绿色果汁)在早上喝,so as not to shock my system with solid food right off the bat.然后,我五天内第一次吃固体食物:一个苹果加腰果酱。再咀嚼一次感觉真好,and I notice that I'm chewing much slower than normal,品尝味道和质地。I'm also full on much less food (can your stomach actually shrink?我会调查的)。在接下来的几天里,I'm much more mindful of what I eat,and sure enough,我只想吃健康食品,好吧,还有葡萄酒。枪毙我。做清洁的最困难的部分之一就是在我做清洁的夜晚,没有多少社交生活。对,没有计划的自由很好,but I did miss the experience of going out for dinner and drinks with friends.

The Results:

I didn't do my cleanse for weight loss reasons—and I don't own a scale,so I don't actually know if I lost weight,although my jeans did feel looser—but I loved how the cleanse made me feel lighter and more energetic,重新调整我的渴望,让我重新考虑我的一些不良饮食习惯。特别是清洁核心,五天的全果汁品种绝对不适合每个人。但对我来说,my爱深层清洁was exactly the reset button I was looking to push,and I can see myself pushing it again after a period of overindulging or maybe before a beach vacation.我也考虑过每隔几周做一天果汁饮食,or juicing until dinner every so often,虽然我还没试过。与此同时,I make sure to have a veggie juice during the day if I know I'll be going out for a decadent dinner,当我想吃零食的时候,我会用胡萝卜和杏仁来代替核橙子奶酪卷。所以,是的——我想说我的实验得到了回报。Take that,自动售货机!


在接下来的五天里,每个职员将分享我们净化日记,所以一定要抓住他们,在评论中分享你的想法。你洗过澡吗?Would you?Why or why not?

附笔。Here's what the experts think about juice cleanses!