Breaking news: Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Huntalsostruggles to haul herself out of bed and to the gym.In our latestGlamourexclusive video,the model demonstrated some of her killer boxing moves and opened up about why she loves—and occasionally loathes—working out.

"Sometimes it's really tough to get dressed and get out in the cold and go to the gym.Honestly,the hardest part is putting on the clothes because once you're at the gym,you'll push yourself and you'll always feel amazing after a good workout," Hunt said.

Luckily,she has a spectacular girl squad—and a cool Lightweight by Victoria's Secret sports bra—to help keep her motivated and moving.She and pal Taylor Swift recently took a hike together,and of course,Hunt spilled that the Angels a.k.a.theultimatesquad often meet up for group finesses classes.

(And re: that longstanding rumor that models starve themselves?Not even close to true."I don't understand how any of us would be able to work as hard as we do and walk with heavy wings down a runway if we were all starving," Hunt says.)

But for Hunt,the real payoff of hitting the gym—or the boxing ring—is the chance to release some aggression and feel that post-workout boost of energy we all know and love.

"A strong body means a strong mind." Well said,Martha.

Watch Martha Hunt kick some butt in the full video below: