Like most every single female I know,I'm conflicted aboutMiley Cyrus' style.I'm totally pro her being herself,having fun with 威廉希尔备用网址fashion,and not caring what anyone says,but on the other can be a little much.That's why the outfit she chose for yesterday's World Music Awards in Monte Carlo was such a thrill.

Yup.She's in a ball Gown.And not a pushing-the-envelope type one with shocking prints or life-size animals but a classic,feminine straplessGiambattista ValliCouture dress that I could see on any of today's red carpet darlings.Because as awesome as kittens and life-size cartoon lips are,sometimes a girl just needs a ball gown.

What are your feelings on Miley's dress choice?Does a part of you miss the zany high-cut leotards and general ridiculousness?