Happy holidays,my darlings!By now,you're probably heading home to your families,getting ready to eat cookies and trim trees.So I'd like to take a moment to ask you,what are your three favorite things about the holidays?

Here are mine...

  • White fairy lights.They make everything magical!

    • The moment before you open presents.I LOVE anticipation,and the secondright beforeyou tear open the wrapping paper is the best!

    • Cheesy movies.Every time you flip on the TV,there's a schmaltzy but awesome movie,like It's a Wonderful Life or The Holiday.It's always so great to get sucked into it.

What about you guys?What are your three favorite things about the holidays?Snow?Santa?Visiting your family?

P.S.Holiday question:When you and your boyfriend visit your parents,are you allowed to sleep in the same bed?

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