For the last four years I've gone to the VMAs with my BFF,Klo.It's kind of like our friendship anniversary,a weekend where boys come second to a wild time with true friends.

Don't have a best friend?You're not alone!

Our tradition began four years ago at the VMAs in Vegas,and this year I was super excited because the show was in Manhattan.

She and I started shopping for our dresses weeks ago and tried to rest up because we knew the whole weekend would be one nonstop party.

Friday night the madness kicked off with a Cobra Starship concert,sponsored by Taco Bell,so the entire venue smelled like burritos,even the band's dressing room.Mexican food was everywhere,like confetti.Delicious,caloric confetti.

The next day my we hit up the VMA gift lounge where we scored some awesome sunglasses,Urban Decay makeup,Redken hair products and some amazing clothes by the British company called All Saints.They're launching here in the U.S.soon so definitely check them out—their stuff is punky yet feminine,just my style!

Who looked the hottest at last night's VMAs?(besides us of course!)

That night we partied it up at our regular hang out spot,Angels & Kings.The bar is owned by Klo's fiance who runs Crush management and is the mastermind behind Fall Out Boy,Panic!At The Disco,Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes.Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy was celebrating his 25th birthday,and we all enjoyed some surprisingly tasty vegan carrot cake.

Would you do,dump or marry Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz?


There were plenty of boys hitting on us throughout the weekend,but Klo oh-so-gently reminded me that this was friendship time,not boy time.(Easy for her to say--she's the one getting married!)

Are your girlfriends true or toxic?

And she was right—finally I just gave in and focused on good old-威廉希尔备用网址fashioned girl bonding.

And you know what?It was nice to take a break from flirting and just be goofy and funny.We danced like idiots,drank stupid girly shots and gorged on grilled cheese at the end of every night.Who needs a man when you have BFFs—and diner food!

Do you have a tradition with your BFFs?Is there an event that reminds you of your girlfriends?__

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