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Now That's a Bump!Vanessa Lachey Shares Her Baby Belly and Fears About Having a "Third Nipple"

Want to see an adorable baby bump?

Want to see an adorable baby bump?

Vanessa Lacheyis doing a lot of navel gazing lately,and she recentlysharedher concerns about her (adorable) baby bump withBethenny Frankel: "Everyone's belly button is different," she said."Some women's belly buttons pop and some women's don't.I thought,'Oh I wouldn't mind if it popped because then it would be like the turkey's done,' right?And it's cute!But my stylist was like,'You don't want that to pop.That's like having a third nipple.'"

Vanessa looks gorgeous and so happy,and for the record,I would never think a protruding belly button would look like a third nipple.

Did your belly button change during pregnancy?

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Photo: Vanessa Lachey/Twitter