My friend shared the funniest thing with me the other day.She got a late-night text from a much-younger,already-in-a-relationship coworker she's been trying to resist hooking up with,and in order to firm up her resolve NOT to go meet him at a bar,she used the following surefire trick.

She took out her contact lenses.

But wait taking out one's contact lenses such a big deal?That's the first question I asked,as a non-contacts-wearer.I mean,couldn't she change her mind about the booty call and pop the lenses right back in?Her answer: It's not that putting the lenses back is a big deal,but there's a strong psychological effect to taking out contacts for the night.Several other contacts-wearers involved in our conversation chimed in to agree: "Once the lenses are out,I am done for the night.They are not going back in." And "My wife knows if she comes home and my glasses are on,we're not going anywhere."

I suppose this trick is the equivalent of taking off all your makeup and applying your night moisturizer;yes,you could re-do the makeup,but this would require something really major,like Ryan Gosling himself sending you a booty-call text.

Do any of you use this "williamhill388beauty" trick to avoid bad booty calls?Or do you have another psychological williamhill388beauty trick you employ when you know the best plan is to call it a night?

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