Sure,the J.Woww,Snooks and maybe-baby spinoff isshooting just down the block from me.But I'm much more excited for Pauly D's next show.Raise your hand if you're with me--fistpumping optional--and let's break down this preview.

Quick aside: I just realized that Pauly's real name must be Paul.And something about that really makes me laugh.

Okay,back to the task at hand.So the conceit of "The Pauly D Project" is:Pauly Dpacks up his crew from Rhode Island and heads to Vegas to spin at the Palms.

What ensues is a big pot of TV-chili that's one partEntourage,one partThe Hangoverand one partThe Real World(see: the one guy who has a girlfriend already setting up his relationship to crumble).

Other things I need you to notice: a jiggly moment around second :55,a cameo from 50 Cent,and a peek at Pauly D's high school sweetheart,Angel,who I have immediately decided I really like.

His friends seem nice,too--but I'd keep an eye on that Brody-Jenner-looking Ryan kid.Seems like he's got a flair for the drama,and that leads me to what I think might be the one downside of this deal for Pauly D: I get the sense he's going to spend a little less time gleefully announcing cabs and a little more time babysitting belligerent buddies in this show.


Here we go:

What do you guys think?Are you maxed out on Pauly D,or can you stand another show?Who would you rather watch--him,or Jenni and Snooki?

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