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We Found Your Next Vacation: Tropical Islands Filled With Puppies and Kittens

We Found Your Next Vacation Tropical Islands Filled With Puppies and Kittens

It might seem impossible to improve upon a tropical island vacation,but get ready because there's an island in Turks and Caicos where adorablepuppiescan frolic in the surf with you.Providenciales is dealing with its homeless dog population by rescuing pups—called potcake puppies in honor of the pot-cooked food the locals fed them—and allowing tourists to act as temporary foster parents throughout their vacation."We start getting them used to people,[showing them] that people are kind and good.It really helps the dogs and socializes them," Potcake Place founder Jane Parker-Rauwexplains.

If your mind's gone to the obvious place—"What happens if I fall so deeply in love with my puppy that I can't fathom life without him?"—fear not.They're all up for adoption.If you're not ready for that much commitment,you can make the adorable relationship last a little longer.Potcake Place is always looking for people returning home to the states to bring a dog along.(The furry little one will be picked up at the airport by an American rescue organization.)

不是狗的人吗?You can get a similar experience in Sardinia onthe Su Pallosu beachwhere tame cats are ready to share some fun in the sun.A sanctuary there handles feeding and medical care,though there doesn't seem to be an adoption set-up in place.

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